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On Praying in Churches

Some time ago, I was in Europe chatting with a young American priest. We were discussing the state of Catholicism in the different European countries I’d visited and I was going on and on about Bavaria, the Texas of Germany, … Continue reading

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Something to Consider

I wonder if there was ever a Saint in the history of the world who was able to attend daily Mass and simply chose not to. Not a guilt trip, just an invitation to reconsider your priorities. If the purpose … Continue reading

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Feels Like Home

There’s something about the word “home” that’s always sparked a feeling of longing in me. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” was my favorite song for much of high school,1 promising a place all my own where someone was waiting for … Continue reading

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Advice to Priests

I was stunned the other day to have a good man, 25 years a priest, ask me for advice. Not with a specific situation either, just “Do you have any advice for me?” I didn’t know what to say to … Continue reading

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What to Do When Mass Is Awful

One downside to being a hobo is that there’s no vetting parishes before deciding to go to Mass there. Whether it’s stopping at a parish in Kentucky because its noon Mass fit my 12-hour drive or going to the only … Continue reading

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I Surrender All

I was on retreat this weekend with 800 kids from Indiana.1 I wasn’t giving any talks, just getting down in the trenches with some relational ministry and it was awesome. Being in the audience, I got to participate in all … Continue reading

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My Favorite Thing About NYC

There are churches everywhere!  And whether they look like this: or like this: what matters is this: Because he was present among stalls and he’s present among cinder blocks.  What a blessing to step from the empty noise of the … Continue reading

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Why I Go to Mass Every Day

Sometimes I have to drive 40 minutes each way.  Sometimes I have to walk in 100 degree weather.  Sometimes I have to skip a meal.  Sometimes I have to get up at 5:30.  Sometimes I have to take two cranky … Continue reading

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Source and Summit and Everything in Between: Why the Eucharist

As I walked my nephew through his prayers last night, we enjoyed the following exchange: Me: Can you tell God how great he is?  What did Jesus do that was great? John Paul: He took bwead and wine and tuwned … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Doing It: Church Tradition on the Eucharist

Yesterday’s post (I hope) made it pretty clear that Scripture supports the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist.  In all things, though, we need to look to Church Tradition as well.  1 Thes 2:13 and 2 Thes 2:15–among many other verses–tell us that … Continue reading

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