Do you really live out of your car? Yup.

How’d you decide to do that? Oh, you know how God is. Give him an inch, he takes a mile. Read about my discernment here.

What exactly do you speak about? Well, after 5 years in the classroom, anything and everything Jesus!  At heart, I’m an apologist, but my great desire is to let the Holy Spirit use me to inspire people to become passionate about their faith.  So I speak about whatever your group might need, from proving the Resurrection to feeling loved by God. Check out a partial list here.

How can I get you to come talk to my school/church/family/super-secret club?  Check out the contact page!  I can’t wait to come.1 If you want to see if you fit into my schedule, you can stalk me here and have me come by when I’m in the area.

How much do you charge?  Nothing. Just give me a job to do and a spare room to stay in an we’re good!

Someone once called me “Captain of Team Catholic.” I’m not sure it was supposed to be a compliment.

You seem pretty Catholic–do you speak at non-Catholic churches?  I am super Catholic.  I am absolutely faithful to the magisterium of the Catholic Church in all things.  But I think there is more that unites Christians than there is that divides us.  With a heads-up in advance, I’ll gladly focus on prayer, chastity, God’s existence–any number of topics that all Christians embrace.

Can you really recite all the books of the Bible in order in one breath?  Yes.
Are you some kind of freak?
Will you post a video so I can see?  No, but if you ask me in person I’ll do it.  Come on, now, it’s my one great talent; I’ve got to keep something up my sleeve.

  1. Especially if the super-secret club has a super-secret handshake.  I’m totally into those. []

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