Over the past 10 years, I’ve spoken in schools and churches, to youth and adults.  I’ve given classes on scripture to groups of 15 and talks on conscience to more than 500.  I’ve spoken at retreats and workcamps and confirmation classes, but it’s always been secondary to my vocation as a teacher.

In May of 2012, the Lord put it on my heart to give myself over to a full time speaking ministry.  Right now, I’m totally available and open to whatever needs your church or school might have.  My real passion is for inspiring others to be sold out for Christ, to quit sitting on the edge of the boat and start walking on water.  So I speak about truth, giving a defense of various Catholic teachings so that convicted minds can inspire impassioned lives.  I speak about chastity and family life so that teens can learn to live what they believe and parents can love their kids all the way to heaven.  I speak about the desperate love of Christ, who holds us in His pierced hands and makes the Christian life worth living.

Here are some of the many topics I speak on:

Truth (Catholic and Christian Apologetics)

Catholic Apologetics Boot Camp—a longer workshop defending the teachings of the Church
Is Jesus God?
What Makes Us Catholic: The Reformation and what Truly Divides Us
I Will Not Leave You Orphans: the Eucharist as Christ’s Promised Presence
Confession: How Peer Pressure Saved My Soul
Mama’s Family: Life with the Blessed Virgin Mary

Goodness (Morality and the Christian Life)

Radical Discipleship: Living with Your Eyes on Heaven
My Boyfriend Walks on Water: Keeping Christ as Your Standard for Men–for teen girls or single women
The Most Important Man in Her Life: Loving Your Daughters as God Loves Them–for men
Be a Man: Honoring the Women in Your Life–for teen boys

Beauty (Prayer and Discernment)

Welcome to Teaching: You’re Going to Fail (on embracing the Cross in the classroom)
You Are Precious in My Sight, You Are Beautiful, and I Love You: Living in the Love of God–for women
Scripture Meditations

And, if you want, I’ll sing (although we’ll all prefer it if you provide an accompanist for me).