Meg Hunter-Kilmer: Speaker, Blogger, and Hobo for Christ

In a world where comfort and stability trump passion and purpose, being homeless and unemployed for the sake of the kingdom doesn’t make a lot of sense. Surely when Jesus sent the disciples out with only a walking stick he wasn’t suggesting that I do the same, we think, and go back to scrolling through Facebook.

But God is still calling and still demanding radical discipleship. For some people, this radical discipleship takes place within the context of a “normal” life. For me, it’s a little different.

After two degrees in theology and five years of teaching religion, I felt that God was calling me to follow him in a more literal way, so I quit my job, packed everything into my car, and hit the road. Since June 2012, I’ve been a hobo for the kingdom, traveling the country speaking to anyone who’ll listen about the goodness of God, Catholic apologetics, Christian morality, and the life of prayer.

Whatever your group, whatever the topic, wherever you are, I want to help you love the Lord. I’ve spoken to groups from 3 to 1000, to audiences that range from kindergarteners to the elderly. Look through the website to get a feel for my style, then click “Contact Me” to invite me to speak.  You won’t be sorry.

“Meg is a magnet for teenagers. Here is someone who has so many gifts AND whose heart is totally for Christ. She is brilliant, funny and talented, yet is able to relate with just about any teenager on the planet. I am so grateful for her impact on the young church.”-Phil Baniewicz, founder of Life Teen

“One of the most inspiring people I have ever encountered.”-Sophie Newman, college student

“Meg, is a vibrant and engaging witness for Jesus Christ, His Gospel, and His Church. She pursues sanctity with a fervor that is convicting and contagious. Meg is a good judge of her audience and can reach both youth and adults alike, providing practical ways to grow in the spiritual life. Most importantly, her listeners often come away with the realization that a deep and meaningful relationship with Christ is possible and that holiness is accessible.” –Deacon Greg Amarante