Not always the highest quality videos, but it gives you an idea of how I work.

Currently my favorite, this talk given to young men emphasizes how desperately the women in their lives need them to fight for virtue.

A little bit of the same but directed to young women as well:

Theology of the Body isn’t just about sex–it’s about love:

For the more apologetics-oriented among you, a talk on the Eucharist:

How theology of the body can inform our prayer and lead us to passion and intimacy with Christ.

Here’s a brief history of the Reformation followed by an explanation of the Catholic response to sola fide and sola Scriptura. This was at Georgia Tech, so I went a little more intellectual than my usual “Come to Jesus” kind of talk.

An explanation of the Sacrament of Reconciliation delivered at Benedictine College. Seriously, you can barely see my face in this one:

You know what’s not weird at all? Watching a video of me giving a talk in the dark. I promise it wasn’t this creepy-looking in real life. It’s a half-hour talk on evangelization with 20 minutes of general Q&A on my life–skip to 30:48 if you just want the fluffier stuff. I wouldn’t post something with lighting this awkward except I think there were some interesting questions–see if you agree.

Some basic apologetics on the divinity of Christ from a talk at Ave Maria University:

I emceed a Junior High Service Camp in Northern Virginia this summer. Here’s a little talk about how God can work miracles through us:

Below are two excerpts from a talk on God’s love given at a youth group in Immokalee, FL:

This talk is a lot more informal, on a retreat for high school girls. I’m talking about how our restless hearts draw us to God–with some commentary on my adolescent boy-craziness:

Watch an apologetics talk on why we need the Church to have the Bible:

Here’s an end-of-retreat talk on committing to Christ.  Sorry I’m awkwardly behind a music stand, but at least that means I’m singing in this one 🙂

Or just listen to me sing (but ignore the accompaniment):

Here are some bloopers from the above talk on restlessness. A little bit of seriousness, a lot of ridiculousness. In my defense, all I’d eaten all day was the fistful of sour gummi worms I’d pregamed for adoration with. So I was a little loopy. But it’s funny 🙂

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  2. deacon michael devenney says:

    Thank you and our God for the witness you give by your love of Him!

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