Praying for a Miracle–Please Respond!

ShankmanFriends, I need your help. One of my kids is at death’s door and I need a miracle. John Shankman was riding in the bed of a truck with some of his friends when it slid off the road and rolled, throwing them from the car.1 The other four guys are physically okay, from what I’ve heard, (Or at least not facing life-threatening injuries.)) but John’s in a bad way. Massive head trauma, a collapsed lung filled with blood, plus a host of “minor” injuries left them doubtful Friday morning that he’d make it through the day. From what I’ve heard, the doctors are now saying that he may live. But whether he’ll ever be the same…well, this is why we pray.

And it’s not just John who needs this miracle. His family, naturally, is terrified. His friends are guilt-stricken and fearful and reliving the deaths of so many of their friends and acquaintances. This community has been through so many deaths in recent years; the whole town needs a miracle. They’ve gathered around the Shankman family with rosaries and Masses and prayer vigils and they need answered prayer. They need it so much. Their souls are weary and their hearts are broken and I don’t know that their faith can survive one more senseless death. John’s healing isn’t just a matter of his life–it’s a matter of souls.

So I’m praying for a miracle and I’m going big. I want John to be perfectly fine. I want him completely recovered by graduation. I want him to walk across the stage and receive his diploma to a standing ovation. And I want him to know that the Lord laid his hand on him for healing. I want him to know that his life is a miracle of God’s love.

I want his family and friends and random acquaintances to be absolutely convicted of God’s power and goodness. I want hearts and lives changed. I want conversions–most especially from those who are already Catholic.

Bl John Paul, pray for us.

So I’m asking Blessed John Paul for his intercession. The way I see it, he needs a miracle and so do I. ‘m asking for an incontrovertible, canonization-worthy, leaves-scientists-dumbfounded miracle. And I don’t think it’s too much to ask–after all, my God raises the dead. Ain’t nothing too much to ask from him.

Here’s what I need from you: pray. Oh, friends, please pray! Even if you just take 10 seconds for a prayer right now and then close this window and move on. But could you do me one more favor? If you’re praying, could you leave a comment telling me? Tell me how you’re praying or just that you’re praying–I’d love to go to John’s family and tell them that hundreds of you are praying with them and for them. Share this post with your praying friends, call your Grandma with the request, heck, tweet it to @Pontifex if you want–let’s mobilize the Church Militant.

John’s a senior in high school, smart and inquisitive. He’s the best storyteller I’ve ever known and too clever for his own good. He’s funny and loved and who cares because he’s your brother in Christ and he needs you. Masses, rosaries, one Hail Mary, whatever you’ve got.


  1. All this information is third hand, but I’m doing the best I can. []

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I'm a Catholic, madly in love with the Lord, His Word, His Bride the Church, and especially His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist. I'm committed to the Church not because I was raised this way but because the Lord has drawn my heart and convicted my reason. After 2 degrees in theology and 5 years in the classroom, I quit my 9-5 to follow Christ more literally. Since May of 2012, I've been a hobo for Christ; I live out of my car and travel the country speaking to youth and adults, giving retreats, blogging, and trying to rock the world for Jesus.
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383 Responses to Praying for a Miracle–Please Respond!

  1. Katelyn McDonald says:

    Praying for John and all involved!

    • Liz says:

      Praying for a miracle! John Paul II, surround John and his family with your loving peace.

    • Natalie says:

      Praying for John and his friends and family!!!!

    • Gloria Wensuc - Munoz says:

      Praying for Johns full recovery. ” Heavenly Father, God, hear our prayers. Help John to rise up from his hospital bed. Let him walk & talk as well as he did before his accident. Lord, only you can do this for him. Please Lord, we beg of you. I know your healing powers Lord. I am most greatful. Please Lord, help this young man as you have helped me. Show him your love, My Lord. In the name of your Father and Mother we beg you. Thank You for his healing. Amen

    • Debby Velenovsky says:

      Our prayerline at Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church in Conifer, Colorado, is praying for Johnny, and we’re all very concerned about him and his entire family. Many, many prayers are on your way…

    • Suzanne says:

      Andy and I are praying!

    • Carolyn says:

      My heart is sending healing love to John and his family and to all the boys involved. My friends and family are also praying for miracles.

    • Caitlin Irene says:

      I did pray for you John, and I hope all goes well.

    • Melanie Gnädinger says:

      I will pray for John and that Blessed John Paul II and the our Holy Mother ask Christ to heal the sick once again!

  2. Allison says:

    Praying for John, for a full and miraculous recovery- and for his family and friends.

  3. Mary says:


  4. Michelle Browning says:

    Praying for John’s full and quick recovery. All things are possible, through our loving God!

  5. I will keep praying!
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  6. Mary Beth says:

    Praying for John his family and the entire community.

  7. tish says:

    I’m praying right now with my very tears! Please Jesus…please John. Meg, your faith will heal him!! I’m happy to add mine to yours.

  8. Susan says:

    Praying with all my heart for John. He was someone I looked forward to seeing in my classroom every day–even when he’d drive me crazy. I’m praying in a special way that he gets the chance to find his faith through reason. He’s a great mind that we can’t afford to lose.

  9. Melissa says:

    Of course I’m praying, and so is Daddy.

    And why not expect a miracle? You had a miraculous recovery when you were just a baby. Your temperature went from normal to 105 in just a couple of hours. You could have lost the eye that was infected. You could have been brain-damaged. You could have died.

    Your great-aunt, Sister Michael, went with us to the hospital and was with you until you were clearly fine. She was a prayer Amazon, and I don’t mean the online retailer. You should not have made a complete recovery, but you did.

    I’m asking Sister Michael for her help. And Blessed John Paul II, too.

  10. Amy says:

    Praying! Praying for everyone involved and asking Blessed John Paul for a miracle.

  11. Emily says:

    My family and I will be praying for John!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Going to Mass now, offering it up for John!!!!!

  13. Come, Lord Jesus and heal John through your loving mercy!
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  14. Rosemary says:


  15. Eowyn says:


  16. Lauralyn says:

    Praying for that miracle!

  17. Kristi Elsen says:

    Praying for John, his family, and the whole community!!

  18. Lauren says:

    Praying for John’s full recovery!

  19. Katie says:

    What a terrible tragedy to be facing for all involved. My thoughts and prayers are added.

  20. Angela says:

    Oh yes, of course! Praying for his complete recovery!

  21. Sadie S. says:

    Praying. Praying hard. I’m currently in the car with a group of women who have incredibly impacted my life, and we’re praying. May the Lord do big work in his life and those of his family, friends, and community.

  22. Katie says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, pray for John and everyone effected by this incident. Amen!

  23. Jocelyn says:


  24. Erin says:

    Lots and lots of prayers headed his way!

  25. Maureen says:

    We are praying fiercely in Indiana!

  26. Bridget says:

    We are offering our family Rosary for John and his family tonight. Blessed John Paul please beg God for this miracle.

  27. T.J. Capaldi says:

    Prayed when I first saw this pop up in my Facebook newsfeed and after reading I am now praying again. Offering a rosary for John in honor of JPII’s devotion to Our Lady of Fatima.

  28. Katie says:

    Praying for the Shankman family!

  29. Hannah says:

    I am praying for John! Going to offer up Mass for him tonight!

  30. Joni says:

    I will be praying. By the mercy of God, may he be completely healed and restored. By the intercessions of Bl. John Paul II may his miracle become a reality.

  31. Kelly says:

    Praying for John and his family!

  32. Yes, I will keep John in my prayers!

  33. Jan says:

    Praying for John and his family through the intercessions of B. JPII and the BVM and St. Patrick.

  34. Tina says:

    I am praying….right now..

  35. Amanda says:


    We’re praying!!! It’s been hard for almost everyone in Atchison. Mike knows most of the boys and of course most everyone knows John. Thanks for spreading the word!

  36. Susan says:

    This brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. My husband and I have been praying for John and for the others who were in the wreck. We lift John up to the good Lord and ask for his mercy and to let another miracle happen for this family. God bless! <3

  37. Sherri Paris says:

    Praying for him and his family….praying that The Lord’s glory is revealed!

  38. John Kuckelman says:

    We are praying for John!

  39. Emily Ann says:

    I’m praying for him, his family and the whole community.

  40. Teresa says:

    John will be in my prayers until
    you give us further notice of his complete healing,

  41. Beth Turner says:

    Praying that it’s so awesome no one can tell exactly what happened (except God :).

  42. Debra Ashcraft says:

    I pray to our Heavenly Father for health for John. May John’s family remin strong.

  43. Tammie elias says:

    Praying for John and his entire family. Heartbreaking to hear .

  44. Megan says:

    Praying for John and his family. But praying for the hearts of the other kids involved. Sharing this post so many others can join me.

  45. Jenny says:

    Praying for John, his family and friends!

  46. Abby says:

    In Alaska praying for John especially, as well his parents!

  47. Luke says:

    I have never heard of John before but am praying for him. As another senior in high school, I pray he has all the opportunities that I have.

  48. Ashley says:

    Praying hard!

  49. Rosie says:

    You know we’re praying – the kids keep bringing it up, prayers everywhere!
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  50. Janel says:


  51. Kris says:

    Praying continually!

  52. lindsey sanders says:

    God please bless us with the gift of John’s life.

  53. Kate Peltzer says:

    We are praying every day here in Illinois and sharing John’s story with the parish here and many, many people here are praying with you for his complete healing. I do not know the Shankman family, but I am mother and my heart aches at the thought of my child in such a state of uncertainty. Blessed John Paul, pray for John’s complete healing and return to health and may God strengthen all of our faiths!

  54. Chrissy says:

    Praying to Blessed John Paul II for John’s complete recovery.

  55. Jenny says:

    Praying for all his family & friends!

  56. Mary Barton says:

    I’ve asked my family and my parish prayer chain to keep John close in thought and prayer. One of the boys that was in the bed of that truck is my son’s best friend… and like a son to me. We have been praying for John and all since the accident. Please tell the Shankman family their son’s name is on our lips in constant prayer.

  57. Praying for the Shankman’s and asking for Bl.JPII to intercede!

  58. Julie says:


  59. Kathy says:

    Praying through JPII for a miracle and John’s full recovery. Will also leave an intention for the Carmelite sisters in San Francisco to pray for him tomorrow morning.

  60. Marie Schuler says:

    prayers are being offered!

  61. Susan says:

    Praying for a miracle for John and strength for his family.

  62. Celeste Behe says:

    (This comment was dictated by my ten-year-old son Gerard.) My mom and I said a Hail Mary for John. I hope he gets better. I will tell my brothers and sisters to pray for John, too.

  63. Amanda says:

    Offering a Rosary for John, his family, and his community!

  64. Bettina says:

    Praying that God, in His infinite mercy, will grant you a miracle, through the intercession of Blessed Pope John Paul II. “O Blessed Trinity, we thank You for having graced the Church with Pope John Paul II and for allowing the tenderness of Your Fatherly care, the glory of the Cross of Christ, and the splendor of the Spirit of love, to shine through him. Trusting fully in Your infinite mercy and in the maternal intecession of Mary, he has given us a living image of Jesus the Good Shepherd, and has shown us that holiness is the necessary measure of ordinary Christian life and is the way of achieving eternal communion with you. Grant us, by his intercession, and according to Your will, the graces we implore, hoping that he will soon be numbered among Your saints. Amen.”

  65. Tina d says:

    Praying to Bl. JPII and to Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen for John’s full recovery. Praying for his family, too.

  66. Jennifer says:

    Meg, I’ve been praying since the moment I heard. Praying that he is given the miracle of complete recovery. Praying that God uses John to show others just what HE can do!! Praying that so many will be open to HIS teachings, HIS love and HIS life!!!

  67. Rachel says:

    I’ll pray for him this evening, and I’m going to offer my Mass, communion, and eucharistic adoration for him tomorrow, through the intercession of Bl. John Paul II.

  68. Tara says:

    Praying for John & family!

  69. Julie b says:

    My family is praying!

  70. Constance Hale says:

    Prayers sent.

  71. A Friend of a Friend says:

    I saw this because a friend sent out a chain email; I’m Presbyterian and have no faith in the Pope’s power (although I have great respect for him, and wish Francis I a God-glorifying ministry) but I do have every faith in God and Jesus Christ. Jesus is the perfect Intercessor, and I do not hesitate to pray for a miracle to be wrought through John’s recovery. At these moments, Catholic and Protestant bow before the only really important title in the world; Christian. As the Bible says, “Rejoice in Hope, be Patient in Tribulation, be Constant in Prayer.”

  72. Michelle says:

    Praying and will share of facebook!!!!

  73. Molly Minnis says:

    praying, its a revolution.

  74. Emily Dawson says:

    Offering our all school Mass tomorrow and all of the prayers at the beginning of my classes for John and his family!

  75. Catherine Foster says:

    Two time BC Raven parent here. Have been and still continuing to pray. Have mostly been called to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy … notably affirmed by Papa Francesco’s first Angelus message earlier today and your request to pray through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II. Our God IS a God of miracles!

    “Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.” ~ Mark 11:24

  76. Claire says:

    John and I are praying!!!

  77. Monica says:


  78. Sandy says:

    Pope John Paul II we ask that you intercede for John to God our Father for a complete physical healing for him and for spiritual healing for everyone. May the light of Christ bring the peace and love that is so very much needed for us on earth. Amen!

  79. Cle says:

    An “Our Father” every moment I’m reminded of John’s need.

  80. Bret says:

    Sending Many Prayers for the Shankman family and all involved!

  81. Carol A. Prim says:

    I will offer the 7:00 p.m. mass for John

  82. Lucia Schwarten says:

    We lost our daughter Rachel, 5 years ago, to a car accident when she was 19. I am praying to Blessed John Paul II for healing for John, the entire family and town. Oh Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God…Have mercy on us. God bless you all!

  83. Meghan McEvoy says:

    Praying and asking for the intercession of JPII.

  84. Austin Quebedeaux says:

    Praying and offering rosaries!

  85. Andrew says:

    Storming heaven with prayers to Bl. John Paul II and Our Lady.

  86. Elizabeth R says:

    Praying for John, his family and the other families involved in the accident.

  87. Anne Pruett says:

    Praying the rosary.

  88. Angela says:

    Have prayed and will pray.

  89. Jamie says:

    Praying, Meg!!
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  90. Stephanie says:


  91. Sarah says:


  92. Angela Turner says:

    Praying SO SO SO HARD!

  93. Jenna says:

    Praying for John and his family! I will be saying a rosary for them all this week.

    Blessed John Paull II…Pray for us!

  94. HelenS says:

    Heavenly Father, I come to you asking for healing for this young man John…Lord, we know your promises and we know that by your word we have only to ask with belief that it will be given in Your time…Lord, please give this fellow’s family and friends peace and comfort as only comes from You…in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I pray…Amen

  95. JRG says:

    Bl. JPII, pray for him!

  96. Emmanuel says:

    Praying also for the intercession of Servant of God Father Luigi Giussani!

    JP2 and Fr. Giussani, pray for us.

  97. Sally says:

    I’ve added John and his family to my prayer list. May he be healed and his family find great strength and comfort in the Lord during this difficult time.

  98. Sharon says:

    I’ve been praying and will continue to do so!

  99. Julie says:

    Praying for John and his family.

  100. Sherry DeRossi says:

    We are praying for complete healing for John frequently and fervently ! God’s blessings to the family!

  101. Dara Rookard says:

    Praying through tears and a a Hail Mary too.

  102. Ute says:

    I’m praying for the miracle of a complete recovery, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Blessed John Paul. I have shared this with the MCCW Schofield group as well as the Catholic Military Wives group on facebook (over 1,100 members). Included in my prayers are the family members and loved ones, and the whole community.

  103. Charity says:

    Prayers for John, his family, friends and community! May God bless them and help John to make a full recovery

  104. Rabia says:

    Praying with you tonight.

  105. Rene says:

    Praying now with my 9 yr old son!
    Hail Mary…

  106. Kathy says:

    Praying for all!

  107. Amanda Walker says:

    He and his family are in my prayers!

  108. CMuskett says:

    Praying for a miracle…here in VA
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  109. Marlene says:

    Praying a Hail Mary

  110. Christa says:


  111. Chris says:


  112. Kelly says:

    Just prayed a Memorare for him!

  113. Deanne says:


  114. Praying, Meg.
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  115. Karee Santos says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul, grant a miracle to this child!
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  116. Karen Jovene says:

    John is in my prayers.

  117. David says:


  118. May Blessed John Paul, who loves youth, interceded for John’s complete recovery! And may Christ glorify his Church through this healing and through the raising of Blessed John Paul to the dignity of Sainthood. In Christ’s name we pray.

  119. Just another on the list says:

    Praying. Hard. Thanks for doing this.

  120. Kelly B says:

    Praying for him…praying Blessed Pope John Paul intercedes for him for a complete healing!

  121. Kelli says:


  122. Julie dillon says:

    Lifting John and his family and friends in prayer for complete and total healing that he may graduate high school with his friends in perfect health.

  123. Alaina says:

    A rosary earlier today, and will continue to keep John in my prayers.

  124. Kailen Lust says:

    Praying! <3

  125. John and Carolyn says:

    Yes, this family wants and needs a miracle. This young man can do much good and bring many to Christ if he could come back with all of his memory and be healed. Please Lord, I pray for your little one.

  126. Paula says:

    Will pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet for John and his family!
    Per Matrem ad Filium,

  127. evelynnn says:


  128. Emily says:


  129. Andrea says:

    Not only me but my church family praying for everyone. (Rev. Andrea Stoeckel, Syracuse NY)

  130. Carmel says:

    Hie, I don’t know Johnny, but I attended Benedictine for a semester from Australia and this came up on facebook. My heart bleeds for this poor kid’s family and so I am joining in the prayer for a miracle. Storm heaven and may God’s will be done! God bless, Carmel

  131. Katie says:


  132. Lauren says:

    Praying and sharing!!

  133. Gary and Ann Glenn says:

    We have been praying, offering mass, and praying some more. We will continue to do so.

  134. Shelley says:

    We’re all praying!

  135. Jackie Harris says:

    We will continue to storm heaven with prayers!

  136. Theresa Squire says:

    Praying for an great miracle!

  137. Rhonda says:

    May God be with them

  138. Alyssa says:

    Praying for John & his family!

  139. Eric says:

    Prayers going out!!!

  140. Emily says:


  141. Janet says:



  142. Kathleen C. says:

    Praying that God, will grant miraculous healing for John!

  143. Regina says:

    Praying for miracles for John.

  144. Roxanne says:

    Prayers for all…

  145. Ben says:

    Praying for you, John.

  146. Mary says:

    Praying praying praying and hoping all the time! God bless the Shankman family.

  147. Brandi says:

    We are praying for you, Johnny, and your beloved family.

  148. Daphne McConnell says:

    I’m praying for a full recovery. I started a novena yesterday!

  149. Alex says:

    BC is behind him 100%. Prayers go out to you, John.

  150. Beth says:

    I’m definitely praying!

  151. Alane says:

    Praying! I asked dear JPII to intercede for John before God’s throne. God is faithful, and He is merciful!! God reward you for doing this for John and his family, Meg!

  152. Rosemary says:

    I will pray for John and his family. God bless you.

  153. Coyotejohn says:


  154. Tammy says:

    Praying for a FULL Recovery for John! God still does miracles….and I have all the faith he will this time…We love ya John!!! God speed be with you!!

  155. Austin says:

    Praying for him and his family. We love you big John!!

  156. Sarah says:

    Praying for Johnny, Shankman Family, Benedictine Family, and Atchison Community.

  157. Chris says:

    Lots of praying and spreading the word!

  158. Kristin Kuettel says:

    Praying hard for everyone involved and for a miracle. Sharing with everyone I know who will pray, and even those who might not.

  159. Sarah says:

    As a graduate of BC, I know how connected the community is. Prayers all the way from Texas for John and his family.

  160. Cyndi says:


  161. Ann says:

    Praying for John and his family.

  162. Jacob Wessel says:

    Praying for John and his family.

  163. Anne says:

    Prayed for the intercession of Blessed JPII and for grace from Our Blessed Mother for recovery for this boy and peace and strength for his family.

  164. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but you really need to get your facts straight before posting this. For one thing, one of the boys has a broken arm and may need surgery so that is not physically okay. Second how dare you say that his friends are guilt-stricken, it was an accident. While they do feel bad about what about, you using that word makes it seem like it was there fault. Just post something about praying for him and about him, not about the others in the accident or what the doctors are saying because if you don’t get it right you are spreading rumors.

    • Meg says:

      I apologize–I’m doing the best I can. I added a note to say that they’re not dealing with life-threatening injuries. As far as “guilt-stricken,” I think everyone feels guilty after an accident even if they know rationally that it’s not their fault. I’m talking about all John’s friends, not just the ones who were there that afternoon. I know that I feel guilty at some level and I haven’t been in Atchison for months. Is there another word you would suggest? Or a way of mentioning that struggle without seeming to condemn anyone?

      I tried to be very vague about what the doctors are saying, but in any event, John’s mother approved the post so I think we’re okay. Thanks for your concern!

      • Anonymous says:

        I apologize too. Been hearing rumors about these guys and I get a little upset when it isn’t exactly on the dot what happened. I shouldn’t have blown up. This is still a very good article and you did a great job. I am definitely praying for them and I apologize again.

  165. Anita says:

    Will continue praying for full recovery for John, and for comfort and healing for all involved.

  166. Sean says:

    Praying for John and his family.

  167. Christina says:


  168. Jennifer says:

    Offered my Mass for him Friday and continuing to pray for him. JPII, please pray for the Shankmans.

  169. Debbie says:

    Heavenly Father, raise this family…this community up into your loving embrace.
    May Your will, be to completely heal this young man and heal this town with Your unending Grace.
    Father, show Your mercy and allow these families to feel Your Presence.

    For God’s glory!

  170. Madi says:

    Praying for his family and all the others affected by.

  171. Jenny says:

    Bl. JPII is one of my favorites! I’ve been praying for John since Thursday but I will start asking JPII’s intercession for a speedy and full recovery!

  172. Aaron says:


  173. Katie says:

    Praying a Memorare right now for John and the Shankmans! God bless them all and Mary console them!
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  174. Anonymous says:

    Matthew 6:6

  175. Gigi says:

    I will keep him in my prayer!!!

  176. Beth Leary says:

    Prayers through the intercession of Bl John Paul II coming from Austin, Texas.

  177. Christine says:

    I will pray because I need a miracle too!

  178. Kevin says:

    Praying that God’s will be done and that He brings comfort to John, his family, and all those involved.

    Blessed John Paul the II please pray for us

  179. Jill says:

    John and I acted in plays together at BC and I loved the heck out of him. My husband and I will pray every night for the special intercession of Blessed JPII in John’s healing. My heart hurts for all those involved. All our love from Oklahoma.
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  180. Kevin says:

    Blessed John Paul the II intercede for us on John’s behalf

  181. Jenn says:

    Praying. Quickly now. More later. God bless.

  182. Mary Fitter says:

    Praying for John and his complete healing. Bl. John Paul, hear our prayers.

  183. Mary Fitter says:

    Praying for John and a complete healing. Bl. John Paul, hear our prayer.

  184. dan says:

    Praying for you, John, Kim, and Don. I am praying that God’s will be done.

  185. Amanda K says:

    Praying for a full recovery!

  186. Halee says:

    Prayers for him and his family! Praying for a full recovery!

  187. Kevin Calhoon says:

    I came to know John through my Son, Cody as they attend Maur Hill-Mount Academy Catholic High School together. My Son has always spoke very highly of him and I was fortunate to meet John and speak with him on a few occasions and found him to be one of the brightest and most articulate young minds I have encountered. I also thanked John on a couple occasions that him and his good friend Chase took time out of their busy young lives to attend my Son’s wrestling meets. He also was very gracious and courteous and is well respected by his school community. I pray that he is able to make a full recovery and that Christ reveals himself to John and he is able to serve as a living testimony. I Thank you Meg for taking time to create this sincere prayer chain for those to offer heartfelt prayer as that is the absolute best thing one can offer another at a time such as this. I also pray for God to comfort and strengthen John’s family and school community. In Jesus precious name, I pray as there is wonder working power in the blood. — and to God, the Great Healer, I ask your intercession and for you to reveal yourself to John.

  188. Maria Rioux says:

    We’ve known and loved John since he was around six and became best buds with our sons, Joe and Ben. We are praying hard for him, and for Kim and Don. The latest news has been so heartening, but this is a long road and we need to keep praying! Thanks for what you are doing to help!

  189. Crystal J says:


  190. Alice says:

    Praying for John for full healing, the doctors that God may guide them, and for all his family and friends as they walk through these anxious hours of waiting. Having lost a friend at 17 I know there is no words that can truly help, but I know the power of prayer to restore the soul and that is what I offer. My God hear this outcry of prayers from a nation and lift this child, family, and town up. amen

  191. Christen says:

    Prayer for John, his family, the doctors and nurses. Miracles do happen!

  192. Timothy says:

    I will offer up my day today in prayer!

  193. Andrea says:

    Meg, I passed on this prayer request to a special weekly prayer intentions group that my sisters, my mom, relatives and some family friends are in. We will all be praying (saying rosaries, and other prayers)!!!!

  194. Linda Mcgregor says:

    Praying for John and his Family in Kentucky.

  195. biblejoe, says:

    i’m +friends are praying for an, total healing for JOHN, god BLESS,

  196. Stephen says:

    Praying for John, his family and his doctors!

  197. Miranda says:

    Praying for all to be well! Praying for the family, community, and John! God please bless this young man. Make him whole and healthy again. Bring this family and community together. Watch over them all!

  198. Melissa says:

    I’m praying for the Lord to heal John. I am praying for His peace and presence to be with John’s family, friends and I’m praying for the wisdom of his medical team, that they would seek the Lord’s guidance and be blessed in treating John.

  199. amanda crisp says:

    Praying for John’s healing

  200. Amy says:

    Offering all that this day holds for John and his family

  201. Roper Family says:

    Our entire family has been praying in every way we know how, from rosary to Divine Mercy Chaplet, to vigil candle on our mantle, to asking intercession from St. John Licci and others, to just plain talking to God. Our hearts are with all the Shankman family.

  202. Greg Gough says:

    I’m offering up my days work and more, united with Christ for John.

  203. Cherrie Preut says:

    Praying that God will heal your son completely! He is the great physician. My husband, Mark and I have both spent time working with the Maur Hill-Mt. Academy community.
    May God give you all his peace during this time of unrest!

  204. Martha says:


  205. Pingback: Papa Needs Birthday Prayers! | wisdomfrom202wisdomfrom202

  206. Jennifer Alles says:

    Praying for him!

  207. Colleen says:

    Meg-I offered my rosary and my Communion at Holy Mass this morning for John

  208. Patrick Murphy says:

    Praying for him and his family down in Austin, TX.

  209. elaine says:

    A former Kansan living in Oregon saying a memorare for this Kansas boy right now.

  210. Anna says:

    Praying for John and praying for God’s miracle

  211. Eddie Mulholland says:

    When Jesus heard this he said, “This illness is not to end in death,* but is for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” (Jn 11:4)

    Let’s keep the prayers going. Every day he has survived has been a miracle. Let’s go for the bold miracle that Meg suggests!

  212. David says:

    I will pray for John and hope that the lord will bring him back to the way he was before the accident.My prayers go to John and all his family.God Bless them all.

  213. maryellen putzke says:

    We will keep him in our prayers.

  214. Kim Fry says:

    Praying for complete healing and to GOD be the Glory!!!

  215. Praying in MI. I will see if I can get him on my mom’s Wednesday fasting list too.
    Jenna@CallHerHappy recently posted…WIWS…traditional blue and red, of course.My Profile

  216. Callie says:


  217. St. Jude's Knights of Columbus #10637 says:

    We’ll pray to the Lord, and invoke the intercession of Bl. JPII and St. Jude, esp. in our 3 o’clock prayers. Praying for John and his family.

  218. Chris says:

    Prayers from a BC graduate in OK

  219. Mandi says:


  220. Maia says:

    Praying with all my heart.

  221. Laura says:

    Praying for Johnny Shankman. I had the pleasure of traveling abroad with the Shankman’s when I was in college at Benedictine. Johnny is a very special kid. I am praying for the whole family. Also praying for the other kids involved in the accident.

  222. Caroline says:


  223. Jen says:

    Joining you in prayer from California. May Our Lord’s healing mercy and grace be upon John and strengthen his family. Thank you for reaching out.

  224. Trisheynelson says:


  225. Leona Hernandez says:

    My husband and I are praying!!!!

  226. Francesca says:

    My family and I are praying for John!

  227. Jaimie says:

    Praying for John & for all those affected!

  228. Emily B says:

    As a fellow senior in high school I want nothing more than for him to be able to walk across the stage like we have all dreamed of for years! The prayers are being sent in John’s direction 🙂 I’m praying through the intercession of St Angela as well!

  229. Brenda says:


  230. Susan says:


  231. Ariel says:


  232. Katie says:

    Praying for John, his family, and friends. A complete miraculous recovery.

  233. Julia says:

    hi Meg, i’m praying continuously for John!

  234. James says:

    Praying as well.

  235. Brooklynne says:

    Praying <3 God can do anything!

  236. Ben says:

    About to go pray a Rosary for him

  237. Dana Wingerd says:

    Prayers to him and his family that they all may find strength-

  238. maureen says:

    We are praying in Solomon, Ks

  239. Simoa says:

    Praying! Will pray a rosary with the family.

  240. Simoa says:

    Will pray rosary with my family.

  241. Blair says:


  242. Michelle says:

    Praying for a complete recovery!!!!

  243. Amanda Rowell says:

    Praying a hail mary for him and his family right now.

  244. Kris says:


  245. Elizabeth says:

    Praying that he heals wholly and that he leaves his senior year with a bang! I know what it’s like to leave your senior year with a recent accident and all. I pray that no one has to experience it and I pray that John doesn’t either.

  246. Cara says:

    Cara recently posted…Child-like assuranceMy Profile

  247. Colleen says:

    Prayers, prayers, and some more prayers!!

  248. Laura Mead says:

    Praying !

  249. Laura Mead says:


  250. JoAnn Barham says:

    Our family is praying, and we have been, since we heard about this situation. We will also ask Bl. John Paul II, and we’ve asked for the intercession of Bl. John Licci, too. I am a brain surgery survivor — and I believe Bl. John Licci helped me. My great-nephew had a brain tumor in May ’11 — had surgery — and is 100% fine now. I also asked Bl. John Licci to help him, too. Lord, hear our prayers! +

  251. Stefanie says:

    Prayers for John and the Shankman family

  252. Tristan says:

    Praying and spreading the word. Asking for intersessions.

  253. Cristina says:

    prayers on the way!

  254. Shayna G says:

    Praying for John like crazy! Before and after school, lunch, practices, before dinner and bed, and right when I wake up.
    Couldn’t have said it better Ms. H-K.

  255. Eva says:

    Praying for John, his family, and friends. Really hope for the best. God bless. x

  256. Rebecca in ID says:

    He will be included in my Rosary tonight. May angels surround him and his family.

  257. Meghan says:

    Everyday until a full recovery!

  258. Susan Summers says:

    I will be praying for John. The sweet Virgin Mary and St. Jude are who I go to in times of trouble so I will be asking them to interceed for me for John’s complete recovery.

    So, please add me to the number of people praying for John.

  259. michelle says:

    Through the intercession of Blessed JP II, I pray for complete and miraculous healing of John Shankman. Thank you, Lord!

  260. maddy says:

    praying for the family and all those involved. stay strong in the lord and never give up hope.

  261. Jacquelyn says:

    Praying for John and his family!!!

  262. Medbie says:

    Saw this linked from a blog I follow on Tumblr. He has my prayers, and I am passing on the request to my family. A miracle is not too much to ask. 🙂

  263. Kay says:

    I just said prayer for John’s complete recovery. God is still in the miracle business, I am proof off that. Will continue prayers for this young man that he may recover to a healthy life and be a witness for Jesus.

  264. Adam says:

    My family and I are praying hard, not to mention those of us in Hawaii.

  265. Kathy says:

    John is a friend of our daughter, Hanna. They were in Summer Stage together during elementary school and have become good friends through Forensics in high school. Although I personally don’t know John, I know that our entire family is praying for John and his family as well as the doctors and nurses that are caring for him. We are asking for God’s healing power and believing that john will be healed abd that God will be exalted. We are praying for God’s angels to be administering to everyone who is involved in John’s care. We are praying that all of John’s friends will be drawn closer to Christ Jesus through their prayers for John and they will continue to seek God’s wisdom and friendship in their own lives. We are asking and believing all these things in the name of Jesus, our Lord and ever present Friend. Amen!!!

  266. Mary Ellen says:

    I prayed a rosary this morning.

  267. kassie says:

    I am praying he will live! And he seems like the sweetest boy ever!

  268. Victoire says:

    Prayers from Canada !

  269. Prayers being sent from Pennsylvania!!!

  270. debbie says:

    Praying for a full recovery and strength and healing for all!

  271. Brittany says:

    Praying for John, his family, and their community. May God be glorified through this situation, and many be drawn to Him and His love!

  272. Rebecca H says:

    Praying for him. Lifting him and his family up on my school’s campus and trusting in God’s Power as the Ultimate Healer

  273. Caylon Huckabay says:

    I am praying for my fellow Junior Raven! I am praying that a miracle heal him back to normal and bring the Lord Jesus Christ glory to His good name. I’m also praying for the Lord to fill John and his whole family with the Holy Spirit and that they have comfort, patience and faith during this difficult trial. I pray it is God’s Will to heal John miraculously so that others may see God’s Glory for themselves and to advance His kingdom among our communities.

  274. Brenda N. says:


  275. Kaitlyn H says:

    I’m about to head to Mass and will definitely be lifting John and his family up. Tell them that they are loved and cared for by so many people they have never met. Thank you for letting his story be known. Love and Prayers, K

  276. Frances says:

    Praying for a complete recovery. God bless you you all.

  277. Melanie says:

    My Mass will be offered for him tomorrow.

  278. cara says:

    I am praying for your son.

  279. Sharon says:

    God bless the Shankman family. You are in my prayers.

  280. praying for john, his family, his friends, and all who are afflicted and in turmoil tonight. may god’s grace be with them in their time of need, and on us all as we go through our days.

  281. Elizabeth T says:

    Praying for John and all those involved!

  282. Tessa says:

    I am praying for Johnny and everyone else who may be suffering physically or spiritually from this. I’m offering up 8:15 mass tomorrow especially for Johnny’s recovery. Blessed JPII pray for us!!

  283. Rozann says:


  284. Bonnie says:

    Absolutely praying. Praying absolutely. God bless.

  285. Tony says:

    Praying. Come on Bl. JP!

  286. Lori says:

    Our family is praying for Johnny’s full recovery.

  287. Toni Dean says:

    praying for a miracle for John and his family and also for you and your ministry!

  288. Tiffany says:

    Praying for John and his family!

  289. Man says:

    Fervent prayers coming from New York, focused on the intercession of Blessed JP for sweet John!

  290. Jen says:

    Praying with every tear.

  291. Eduardo G. says:

    He is constantly in our prayers. What a witness to see the number of people who have gathered in prayer.

  292. Colleen says:

    Praying for the intercession of Pope John Paul II. I’ve never met Johnny but this came to me via a friend.

  293. Kelly says:

    My Family and I are Praying in SC

  294. Shireen says:


  295. Noted. Prayed.

    I’d also like to extend sympathy for John’s family and friends, and of course John. This is a rough situation.
    Brian H. Gill recently posted…Designed as StewardsMy Profile

  296. Emma says:

    My prayers are with him.

  297. Addrianne Raplinger says:

    How amazing to see all of the names of people praying for John and his family, we continue keeping them all in our prayers.

  298. devon heaton says:

    I’m praying for john too

  299. Felicity crossland says:

    Praying everyday.

  300. Christian Johanning says:

    I didn’t know him very well and when my dad told me about the incident the name stuck out to me, but I couldn’t put a face to it. Now that I know who it is from different theatre things I’ve done in the past few years my prayers are for him.

  301. Jordan Campbell says:

    Praying for John and his family everyday!

  302. Mom Golden says:

    I’ll offer my Mass tomorrow for John and his family. My daughter was a student of Dean Shankman’s for 3 years, and met her son. We are praying.

  303. Peggy Olinger says:

    Fervent prayers continue for John. Our Great God has already provided so many miracles for him. May they continue.

  304. Rachel Golden says:

    I will pray with you.

  305. Virginia Anspach says:

    Ever since Pope Francis has been elected, I’ve been seeing miracles. Dear Lord, please give this family and this town a miracle. You know if peoples’ souls are in jeopardy, and I know you will bring about whatever outcome is the best for these people. If for some reason, you choose to answer their (and our) payers in a way that is different from what they want, help them understand that everything you do is for their best. Bless them all and make them strong, loving, obedient, and trusting of you.

  306. Prayed.
    Restless Pilgrim recently posted…Sharing the lightMy Profile

  307. Libby says:

    Late, but joining in the prayers.

  308. Michelle R says:

    Oh Blessed Trinity, We thank you for having graced the Church with Pope John Paul II and for allowing the tenderness of your Fatherly care, the glory of the cross of Christ, and the splendor of the Holy Spirit, to shine through him.

    Trusting fully in your infinite mercy and the maternal intercession of Mary, he has given us a living image of Jesus the Good Shepherd, and has shown us that holiness is the necessary measure of ordinary Christian life and is the way of achieving eternal communion with you.

    Grant us by his intercession, and according to your will, the graces we implore, hoping that he will soon be numbered among your saints. Amen.

  309. Taylor Halbig says:

    Praying for John, Meg! Thanks for sharing!

  310. Julie says:

    Praying for John and his family!

  311. Katie Gipe says:

    I’ll offer mass for him today at 4:45, and ask my music ministry group to pray for him as well. This evening he will be the main intention in my rosary. I will ask especially for the intercession of Bl. John Paul II for his complete healing!

    Come Holy Spirit!

  312. Mary says:

    Just heard about this. Praying the Stations for he and his family right now.

  313. Susan Pate says:

    I am praying for a miracle now. This is so very sad. I just came across this somehow and it touched my heart and brought me to tears. I am so very sorry for your pain. Know the hand of God must be touching so many people through this tragic accident.

    God Bless,

  314. w says:

    praying – our God is greater than all of our troubles; i agree, let’s go big (:

  315. Christian says:

    Praying for John!

  316. Mom Golden says:

    This is from the founder of the Light Weigh program, Suzanne Fowler:

    Palm Sunday provides the perfect jubilant, bittersweet entrance to the holiest week of the year. The people were heralding Jesus because word had spread from the eye- witnesses that Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead.

    Our challenge is to appreciate this week to its fullest, because this week encapsulates the promise. The promise that there is meaning to our suffering here on earth if united to the Cross and the promise that there is, no matter what we face or go through, a happy ending, if we do not abandon Christ!

    This is a serious week. Our LORD Jesus is a serious God. Our LORD Jesus understands the seriousness of our suffering, because He is a God who came to suffer for us and with us. Jesus wants to help you carry any burden you carry, because He suffered far more than we know, and also struggled with a Cross. This is a week where we are truly able to understand the description in the Hail Holy Queen prayer, “To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve; to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.”

    But Jesus was sent to make everything better – and He did. Jesus accomplished His mission and the only reason He came; to redeem the world. Jesus paid the price for mankind, because two humans, Adam and Eve, had caused the fall of all humanity. A mere man could have never endured what our LORD endured for us. And so God sent His only begotten Son who was fully God Himself, to take on human nature, along with His divine nature, in order to make things right and restore all mankind to the One True God.

    Holy Week is as much about love as it is about suffering. Whatever you face, whatever you have lost, whatever you suffer and endure, your only real challenge is to hang on to Jesus and unite your suffering to His. Pray and ask Jesus to send you the grace He earned for you on the Cross; the grace you need right now, this very minute. Accept fully the Redemption that Jesus earned for you by Sacrificing Himself for you on the Cross – it is personal. Unite to Him fully in your struggles and sufferings and rest in the fact, there is a happy ending if we keep faith in Him. “And with His stripes we are healed.”

  317. ce58 says:

    Saying a prayer, asking John Paul II’s intercession, and offering this week of paper writing up for him and the Shankman family.
    ce58 recently posted…Veiling in ChurchMy Profile

  318. Catherine says:

    I have prayed for your friend. I hope that he recovers and that his family and friends feel God’s presence at this time.

  319. Corey says:

    Prayer has been said.

  320. Vicky says:

    Praying to Bl. John Paul for John’s recovery and for your town, too:-)

  321. Lindsey Palmer says:

    Haven’t stopped praying!

  322. Mom Golden says:

    From Facebook:
    Benedictine College
    posted Sunday, March 31 [but it looks like it was written Saturday night]

    Kim Shankman:

    Dear Friends: we have our Easter miracle! John opened his eyes and was moving his hands and his nurse told him to raise his hand for “yes” and we started asking him questions and he responded! It is a lot of work for him to raise his hand, but he didn’t want to stop “talking” for the longest time. He’s worn out now and is asleep. Your prayers and the skills of the doctors and nurses have brought him this far, and we are incredibly grateful. Please keep praying for his full recovery!

    One special blessing. Parker saw him today and when we were talking we asked if he remembered Parker being there, and he did. I played all the recordings his friends have made for him and he liked that a lot.

    By the way, he raised both hands when we asked him if he liked the Packers.

    I am completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Easter vigil, here we come!!!

  323. Cristina says:

    Praying for John for a full recovery! ♥

  324. Lisa Rose says:

    Remembering John in prayer here in upstate NY. I will light a candle for him this weekend as well. Blessed John Paul pray for him.

  325. Joy says:

    Praying for John’s full recovery!

  326. CC says:

    I am praying for John, his family and the community.
    Please keep us updated.

  327. dale says:

    lord please be with this boy and help him to have a full recovery thank you Lord

  328. Amy D. says:

    Praying!!! God bless everyone involved.

  329. Faye G says:

    I have only today heard about John’s accident at CL, Nativity of Our Lord, Broomfield CO. I will be saying prayers everyday for John and his family. “For nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:17. I will also ask my friend who I pray daily with and my family to pray for his complete recovery.

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  331. Serena says:

    I know it has been nearly a year since the accident, but just prayed for John and his community!

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  335. Melanie McDowell says:

    Just ended up here, back accident??? not,!!!!!! how is John, Praying for him and his family, now!!

  336. Kevin says:

    I just prayed a Hail Mary. I found some updates about him here:, he survived, but more prayer is still needed!

  337. Judith says:

    Have done 2 decades for John..will ccontinue praying for him

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