Never Trump–Because Apparently It Doesn’t Go without Saying

I didn’t think I was going to have to say anything. Obviously his candidacy was a joke.

And then it wasn’t.

But nobody could possibly support him.

And then they did.

But the Republican Party would never choose him.

Until they did.

But people couldn’t possibly overlook his narcissism, racism, misogyny, and inability to speak coherently. They couldn’t possibly ignore the fact that he’s a terrible businessman. The only thing he’s good at he’s not even good at! They couldn’t look past the fact that he has neither experience nor knowledge nor, apparently, the ability to listen to advisers. And then this–no decent human being, presented with incontrovertible evidence of this creep’s arrogant disregard for the personhood of half the human race, his approval of sexual assault, and his inability to muster any semblance of remorse, nobody could make excuses for that.


molochI didn’t think I had to say anything. My kind of people know that this guy is horrendous. The people who read my blog also loathe everything he stands for. Maybe they’re willing to look the other way for the sake of Supreme Court justices, believing (naively, I feel) that this is the one area where an entirely unprincipled man will be faithful to his word. Give an unhinged narcissist the nuclear codes–after all, he might have a shot at chipping slowly away at Roe. Put Kim Jong Un, Putin, and Trump in charge at the same time–what could go wrong?

Nobody could think this was a good idea. Nobody could trust this man. If nothing else, nobody could possibly want to listen to him yell redundant, meaningless sentences desperately in need of a thesaurus for the next four years.

Somehow, this sorry excuse for a man is still in the running for the highest office in the land. His supporters say he’s running for president; listening to him, I expect he thinks he’s running for tyrant.

The wretchedness of Trump’s character is not only disqualifying, I am convinced that it is a danger to the nation and the world. –Rod Dreher

Sometimes it seems that everything this man says is morally abhorrent. Really–read this overview and ask yourself if a person with this kind of highlight reel could possibly be a good president.

punish-abortionDonald Trump is not pro-life. He’s not. He mocks the handicapped, suicidal veterans, and POWs. He thinks Planned Parenthood has done great things. He advocates war crimes. He’s not even anti-abortion. He’s so unfamiliar with the anti-abortion position that he actually suggested jail time for women who have had abortions. With his philandering and misogyny, it’s hard to see how one could not understand that men like Donald Trump are the reason abortion exists.

With Trump, all pro-lifers have are promises from a man who prides himself on breaking promises and whose behavior betrays the very thing pro-lifers fight for. –Rebecca Cusey

A friend of mine attempted to defend Trump by pointing to his daughter’s respect for him and saying that he must be a good father. I don’t care what she says. I don’t care how marvelous he was every single time he was with her. Owning strip clubs makes you a bad father. Being a serial adulterer makes you a bad father. Treating women like objects for your sexual gratification makes you a bad father. And it will make him a bad president.1

The Deseret News (owned by the LDS Church) came out in no uncertain terms against Trump, and not just because of his indecency:

Trump’s banter belies a willingness to use and discard other human beings at will. That characteristic is the essence of a despot.

Many Evangelicals had already denounced Donald before this most recent evidence of his complete unsuitability for the office of president. Very few Catholics I know had brought themselves to support him, and many of those are now withdrawing even such half-hearted support. Thank God even some Republican politicians are finding the courage to withdraw their ill-conceived endorsements. I pray that enough Americans follow suit.

Oh, Hillary is bad. I’m not saying Hillary isn’t bad. I’m not saying you should vote for her. I don’t think I could.2 But Trump is all the things Hillary is, plus mentally unstable and completely incapable of respecting anyone. He is the absolute worst person I could possibly imagine as president. Hillary is a known evil, four (or eight) more years of the same but worse. Trump is a maniac. How do you prepare for the rule of an unprincipled maniac?

But Clinton’s faults, deep as they are, are the faults of a normal politician. Trump’s are in another category. Having a bad, crazy man like Trump in the White House would be a disaster for the entire nation, and even the world. The further we go into this campaign, the harder it is to believe that the US faces equal danger from these two. –Rod Dreher

Character matters, particularly when the despicable character in question has shown evidence of absolutely no moral convictions.

What remains is this question: Can Donald Trump actually execute the basic duties of the presidency? Is there any way that his administration won’t be a flaming train wreck from the start? Is there any possibility that he’ll be levelheaded in a crisis — be it another 9/11 or financial meltdown, or any of the lesser-but-still-severe challenges that presidents reliably face? –Ross Douthat

I have been praying against Trump for months. I have hope now that the pressure on him will be so intense that he will withdraw his candidacy. If he doesn’t, I will continue to do what I can to speak out against him. I will pray for his conversion, for Clinton’s conversion, and for the conversion of our nation. And I will vote against him. It will likely be an uncounted absentee vote for a hopeless third party candidate–Evan McMullin seems as good a choice as any–but it will not be a vote for Donald Trump.3 You will vote how you like and I will love you regardless.

Lord have mercy.


I would like to keep the comments closed because people on the internet are mean and I am a coward, but I know that my regular readers are charitable and insightful. So while I don’t plan to reply to comments, I’ll leave them open until I have reason not to.

  1. Yes, I’ve heard of Bill Clinton. He’s not running. []
  2. I tried to once, in the Democratic primary in 2008. With Obama’s record on voting to deny medical help to babies born alive during abortions, I thought she was a lesser evil. But when it came down to it, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary. So I voted for John Edwards, who I knew had already suspended his candidacy. They say you can’t throw away your vote, but I’m pretty sure I did. []
  3. There’s nothing wrong with a “worthless” vote. []

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I'm a Catholic, madly in love with the Lord, His Word, His Bride the Church, and especially His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist. I'm committed to the Church not because I was raised this way but because the Lord has drawn my heart and convicted my reason. After 2 degrees in theology and 5 years in the classroom, I quit my 9-5 to follow Christ more literally. Since May of 2012, I've been a hobo for Christ; I live out of my car and travel the country speaking to youth and adults, giving retreats, blogging, and trying to rock the world for Jesus.
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95 Responses to Never Trump–Because Apparently It Doesn’t Go without Saying

  1. Aaron Keller says:

    God bless you, sister. Some unadulterated thoughts on this matter:

    Frankly, Trump is just a visible specimen if the human beings already running the government and business empires that control this country. The fact that he is arrogant enough not to hide his shame makes him a wolf vs. a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I’m undecided (Republican or tiny third party), but I’m not so worried about him. At least we can see and denounce his despicable character. At least it’s not advertised as “caring” or some such other manipulative drivel.


  2. Nicole Kramer says:

    So first off, RIGHT ON! Secondly, I plan on voting, but I can’t vote for either major party candidate. Thank you for this, Meg!

  3. Nancy Brockhoff says:

    Dear Meg
    This nightmare will end, one way or another. I voted early, so can’t do anything about it now, but I knew, for the sake of my soul, I could not vote for Clinton. I am praying like crazy for Amazing Grace for Trump. Of course he is all those things you wrote. The fact that media is broadcasting and repeating his pornographic conversation is horribly sinful as well.
    I don’t care if people can’t vote for Trump now, but I do care that they don’t vote for Clinton who is not ashamed to kill the babies in their mother’s womb. I am praying (but not like crazy) for Clinton and all those whose hearts are hardened.
    I know for certain though, that my past is just as horrible if made public. I am not that person now, thanks be to God.

  4. Ruari McCallion says:

    Very well said, Meg.

    Congratulations and thanks for having the courage to say it, out loud and in public.

    With sincere best wishes

  5. Leonard Wathen says:

    Thank you for your courage in writing this well thought-out piece. Many blessings in your apostolate.

  6. Dee says:

    NEVER Hillary Clinton. Who is next? No rational intelligent educated experienced decent human being wants to run for the office. What does that say about the state of this nation?
    I cannot without shuddering vote for either one.

  7. John Morgan says:

    Well done Meg. Even more interesting is that this is coming from a married man at a time when the image of men, in general, is on the down slide. I thought married men had a sexual outlet in the form of a wife. I can only wonder what people will surmise about older unmarried guys. When I heard the news this morning, I wanted to shout, “Everybody is not like Donald Trump!” Unfortunately, I think he represents the kind of man it takes to get ahead in America. There are still good and decent men in the world. I count myself as one. Trump is not in the same universe I live in.

  8. TJ Pillari says:

    Perfect. Thanks Meg.

  9. Melissa says:

    Brilliant. Thank you for putting this so well.

  10. Abigail R Benjamin says:

    Today, I really didn’t want to go to Mass. I didn’t want to go to my 5 hour Secular Third Order Meeting. I’ve had horrible things said to me by very prayerful Catholics this summer because I cared about civil rights, and the environment, and I voiced concerns about voting Republican again this November. I was told that I didn’t know the “truth” about the police shootings. (Meanwhile, I’m a lawyer who took an oath to uphold the US Constitution.) I was told I wasn’t pro-life. (Meanwhile, I’m a Mom with 6 c-section scars, 2 late miscarriages, 1 NICU stay and 1 pre-mature birth in my family). Last night, I read Facebook comments from Catholic friends basically say that Trump’s comments about sexual assault are No Big Deal because we’re electing a President, not a saint.

    This weekend, when I don’t want to go to church because I can’t handle the heartache of election division anymore, I’m going to church for 6 hours. I’m showing up thinking, pretty much the only people I currently like in this crowd are Jesus and Mary.

    “In your wounds, hide me, Lord.”

    Thank you for writing this Meg! Best wishes for a prayerful October.

  11. Laura says:

    I don’t really think most Trump voters are Pro-Trump. They’re just so Anti-Killary, with no viable 3rd party, so there’s no real option. Either choose to throw your vote away, or leave it up to everyone else. I don’t see either of these options as better than voting for Trump. However, this was well written as always.

    • Craig says:

      There is a viable 3rd party, and it is represented by the only candidate that has gone on record with a commitment to withdraw federal funding from Planned Parenthood in Gary Johnson. The libertarian ticket is the only other option that will be on the ballot in all 50 states, and where I disagree with many things that Johnson would want to do, he is by far by far by far, the best choice in this election cycle. If you vote for Trump or Hillary, you are wasting your vote on someone that you know will do evil against others, and will likely do bad things in the name of this country using your tax dollars to do it. Johnson mainly just wants to get government out of the way so people can actually run their own lives.

      • Laura says:

        My husband is in the military. He wants to cut funding by 47%. My husband can’t possibly do his job with less funding, assuming he still has one. I can’t let soldiers go to combat unprepared. Plus, Johnson isn’t going to win, it’s a wasted vote.

  12. Why shouldn’t women who kill their babies be punished? Just curious. I don’t get why it’s OK with everyone that women kill their babies. I can see why pro-abort people think murder shouldn’t be punished. But I don’t get why pro-life people think that murdering a helpless innocent baby should not be punished but murdering a man or a three-year-old child should be punished.

    • Jackie says:

      Because most women who end up aborting are coerced in some way, from the father, their own family, financially, society, etc… We need to eliminate the forces that lead women to make these choices, as well as the ease with which it can be obtained.

    • Jaclyn B says:

      The women seeking abortion are vulnerable and often unaware of the ramifications of their actions until it’s too late. Our society has taught them it won’t matter and you’ll feel relief. All lies of the devil but if they don’t know Christ how are they don’t know the truth. When hillary wins(barf) we have to rose up and start major evangelical campaigns from the ground up. Theology of the body and sanctity of life need to become conversations on every. Single. Christian Home.

  13. The Old Wolf says:

    You are not a coward. No one who speaks out as forcefully for Christ and his kingdom could possibly be construed as a coward. But the internet being what it is, it makes no sense to invite the toxic energy of evil people into your space, so if you chose to close comments on this beautiful post it would be only understandable.

  14. Fr Brench says:

    Can I just say I love the picture you found/made for this post. The golden statue & the excuse is a brilliant juxtaposition!

  15. Sara says:

    Thank you Meg! Wonderfully stated.

  16. Jessica Campoverde says:

    Wow! Spot on! Very well said!

  17. John Flynn says:

    I agree totally. There are tons of good people that are being deluded this year and they have no idea. It is so completely obvious though that I believe the cause of it to be spiritual warfare. The devil is having a field day with this and Trump will stain all who have endorsed him.

  18. Theresa says:

    Thank you for this. Bless you. Pray on, continue to speak the truth from your heart, and thank you for speaking with love, sister. I will storm the heavens with you. – T

  19. Christina says:

    I agree with most of what you said. I don’t dislike Hillary, to the extent that you do. I’m also not a fan of not voting or throwing away a vote. The right to vote is not a luxury. It is a responsibility. Not voting for either candidate, is essential a vote for a candidate. People need to dig deeper. Stopping at abortion, and citing our prolife views as a reason not to vote for someone is frankly a bit dogmatic. I am highly concerned with the lives of all the unborn children, but am also highly concerned about the care of the children that are
    Christina recently posted…Project Psalm: Do You Act Like a God?My Profile

  20. Jane says:

    I thought this was a very good voter’s guide from EWTN:

  21. David says:

    I don’t say much on public forums, however this election is a looming decision of whether or not to vote for 4 more years of Obama/ killary Clinton! This woman is an abomination to life itself. Her husband, a man impeached for his inappropriate actions as President, disbarred attorney from practicing at least in Arkansas and anyone who opposes this family is killed off in “accidental” situations . Killary herself is an immoral attorney from Bill Clinton’s past as she defended him in a sexual assault case in Bill’s younger days in politics. Their Foundation has scammed millons upon millions of dollars from other countries, all for the ability to have access to our nation’s secrets. She has no conscience regarding the sale of our country for a price. Yet, somehow, this diabolical snake in the grass has the attention of people brainwashed to believe she actually wants to better this once great and powerful nation?? Obama has made the US a laughing stock to the world. We have a horrendus economy, limited military strength, and our President even gets snubbed in other countries when he arrives there??!! Name any other presdient who was ever so disrespected in another country!?!?
    Trump is not perfect, and certainly an amateur as a politician, but so were the founding fathers! What experience did they have?? When did being a president have a requirement of political experience? He has the attention of the people because he is speaking the words people are yearning to hear, and that is all about change, for the better. We believed Obama, elected him twice. Is there regret there?? Yes. Trump has all of the right notions regarding the repair of this country. The lifetime politicians are afraid of this because it will be a significant change in the way they have been allowed to operate for all these years, unabated, unchecked and taken soley at face value, regardless of what they really do!! This country is in trouble. We can not afford another term of presidency in the Obama style, or worse.
    Could we win against a Russian invasion? China? Radical Muslims?? (Which, by the way, Hillary wants to increase their influx into this country by 500% over its current rate) (did you Clinton supporters realise that?? Probably not.)
    It is a sad state of affairs when we must choose change over a treasonist, murderous, lying to your face candidate, who should be in a federal penitentiary!! Anyone else who pulled the stuff that she did with our nation’s classified documents would have been buried under a prison long ago!

    • Ruari McCallion says:

      If you think Meg was recommending voting for HRC then I suggest you read the post again, David. Carefully and without prejudice.

      She also addressed and pretty much destroyed every argument you made. Reading the post befor PR commenting would have saved a lot of time.

    • Chiara says:

      It doesn’t look lik we live in the same country!
      The US economy is growing, it is the only western exonomy that is doing well thanks to the spending policies. Europe is struggling with it’s austerity!
      President Obama is very respected abroad by the major worlwide players, not sure what countries you are looking at, North Korea?
      Just saying that overall we did not do too badly these last couple years if you think we climbed out of one of the worse recessions!
      The Republicans simply don’t have a valid candidate!

      • Ruari McCallion says:

        Chairs – love you, love your sentiment but you’re getting a bit sectarian, here!

        Btw – the fastest-growing economy in the G7 is (according to the IMF): the United Kingdom. Mind you, that’s only since we voted to leave the EU, saw our economy go into special measures, had us crawling across broken glass for bailouts and begging the Greek government for mercy..

        Yeh, right! ?

      • Ruari McCallion says:

        Chiara – love you, love your sentiment but you’re getting a bit sectarian, here!

        Btw – the fastest-growing economy in the G7 is (according to the IMF): the United Kingdom. Mind you, that’s only since we voted to leave the EU, saw our economy go into special measures, had us crawling across broken glass for bailouts and begging the Greek government for mercy..

        Yeh, right! ?

  22. Karen says:

    I normally agree with almost everything you write, but am more Never Hillary than Never Trump. It is a sorry state when this choice is what it’s come down to. Our country loses no matter what, and I remind myself that our ultimate citizenship is in Heaven.

    • Jenny says:

      same here. Seems like one can be horrified about the digesting things we know Trump has said, or by the disgusting things we know Hillary Clinton has done. That simplifies the choice for me.

      Lord, have mercy.

  23. Angel Croyle says:

    I had this SAME discussion with a good friend of mine yesterday. You have to look past Trump and Hillary. They are equally bad, however the VPs they have chosen are entirely different. When you, obviously, can’t make a qualified decision by looking at the first level, go to the next. There IS a dramatic difference in the VP choices for the two. Also, i must disagree with you that, with Hillary, it’s just 4 or, heaven forbid, 8years of what we have now. The next president will be choosing at least 2 supreme court justices. That will affect much more than the next 4 years and possibly to probably lead to the end of the free country we’ve known.
    The Democrat platform is, by its definition, at odds with the Catholic faith and morals, is one that, for more than the past 12years, should have never even been considered by a Catholic, if for no other reason their stance on abortion. I’d much rather vote for Trump and take a chance that, as Pence has promised, there could be an end to abortion, than to vote for Clinton and guarantee abortion on demand until actual delivery.
    I’m not voting for Trump, I’m voting against Clinton. Against the murder of babies that are completely viable. I’m voting on a possibility, but it’s a heck of a lot better than voting on a definite. It’s also a heck of a lot closer in line with true Catholicism. As a Catholic, you are to make a well discerned vote. One that is for a complete pro- abortion stance and surrounds herself with people who are the same is not that discerned vote. Neither is voting for someone you KNOW has no chance of winning, and, if by voting for that person, you take a needed vote from one who even MAY change the abortion laws for the good, then the vote is even less discerned and even into sinful.
    I don’t know if this will post because i know it’s contrary to your stance, however, it’s also not right to not allow defence of a person or situation when trying to affect the votes of those who read your blog.

    • Laura says:

      Very well written comment. Totally agree. Thank you.

    • Joseph says:

      I could not agree with you more, Angel. As catholics it is our responsibility to fight for LIFE and that begins with the most helpless of them all…the unborn. Yes, Trump may have done some terrible things. Yes, Trump shouldn’t be anybody’s role model. Yes, Trump has a very strong personality. Yes, Trump has said very cruel things. Yes, Trump was not pro-life in the past. The list can go on and on. However, Trump has also said that he is pro-life now and he has selected a VP that is strongly pro-life. If he does things right he may also surround himself with some very good people in the cabinet if he becomes president. There’s many things up in the air still with Trump but it is a risk that I am willing to take. As harsh as this may sound, but I strongly believe it’s the truth: a vote against Trump is a vote for abortion.

    • Mary Jo Necesito says:

      Thank you Angel Croyle for articulating your thoughts very well.. In the hierarchy of values, LIFE tops everything. As we all know Hillary and her VP are far light years away from the pro LIFE cause. As much as Trump is a faulty and defective person, my conscience will not allow me to cast my vote for Hillary who advocates the freedom of a woman the choice to kill/end pregnancy in the womb. Killing as you all know is inherently evil. So, I am voting for Trump not because I think he is better but rather because I want my single vote be casted against Hillary’s stance in her promotion of pro choice (to kill babies) agenda.

      Joshua 24:15; “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.

  24. Chris says:

    “With his philandering and misogyny, it’s hard to see how one could not understand that men like Donald Trump are the reason abortion exists.”

    Donald Trump’s statements are indefensible. A priest made the point today that both candidates are near perfect icons of our current culture. (He is right on point)

    But it’s important to note that abortion exists because the likes of Ba’al and Moloch like to feast on children. Their cultus has merely morphed into hedonistic self worship sans the fire and statues.

    No politician is a savior. We have one savior. American Catholics sometime exhibit a disordered reverence for our form of government.

    That savior whilst on Earth compared the valley of Gehenna to hell. He did this because Gehenna was the valley where children were sent as burnt offerings to Ba’al.

    This child sacrifice cult to was so corruptive that God ordered His chosen people to kill every man, woman and child involved in it. (The Israelis at the time were not known as champions for race relations, access to healthcare and let’s not get started on their immigration and slavery stances)

    This is to say that child sacrifice as a positive good is a singular evil and knows no equal.

    The Carthaginians inherited this notion of child sacrifice as a “positive good” to expedite their interests.

    The Carthaginians were defeated (in a near miraculous fashion) by a misogynistic Roman culture. The pagan Roman culture despite their many many flaws recognized this as a singular evil.

    For every election, until this one the DNC has treated abortion as a necessary evil. In 8 years Hillary has gone from “safe, legal and rare” to shout/celebrate your abortion. (If you tried hard enough during the DNC and you closed your eyes, you could almost picture yourself in the midst of the mob marching to the drum beat of Gehenna. The drums meant to drown out the screams of the children.

    I agree with every and all criticism of Trump save one. To say that he hasn’t undergone a true pro-life conversion (noting that planned parenthood has declared open war on him) and to say that he is lying about appointing pro-life judges requires someone to set themselves up as judge of his interior life. Are you prepared to do that?

    Pope St Gregory the great once said that we get the bishops we deserve (true then and true now) I would say the same thing about our political leaders.

  25. Joseph says:

    I rarely make any comments. I usually enjoy reading your Blog and I am always encouraged to keep the Faith (though I am a Fallen Catholic and now a Protestant). Today though, I have to respond. Donald Trump has gone too far, and, like you, I am not going to vote for him either. Because Mike Pence is a Christian, I am writing him in as my Candidate of choice. I think that he is better choice even though he is running as Trump’s Vice President.

  26. Jenna Hines says:

    You’re such a reasonable voice in all of this. I have been waiting to hear your thoughts because I respect your opinions on these types of things so very much. I would love to hear more about how you would respond to someone who says that while they despise Trump, they think he may lay groundwork for a better candidate in the future (regarding pro-life things).

  27. Michele says:

    Thank you so, so much for your courage! And AMEN.

  28. Maria says:

    I am dismayed yet again at reading a catholic blogger hitting Trump into the ground, with moderate side lines against his opposition. (Apparently to give the appearance of balance?) Why don’t we see long articles and blog post on Hillary Clinton’s character? Once again,nits going to be cafeteria Catholics who hand over the presidency to people like Hillary Clinton. Which I think is weird when she’s so against what the Catholic Church stands for, and has stated that our religious beliefs have to be changed.

    • Ruari McCallion says:

      Dear Maria

      I don’t know if you attention wandered before you reached this bit of Meg’s blog – it was about 3/4 of the way down so you might have done.

      “Trump is all the things Hillary is, plus mentally unstable and completely incapable of respecting anyone. He is the absolute worst person I could possibly imagine as president. Hillary is a known evil, four (or eight) more years of the same but worse. ”

      But then I can’t think of any faith community that is endorsing Ms Clinton with the venom and fanaticism we have seen going the other way. The problem is with the so-called ‘religious’ support for Trump and the repeated claims that he embodies Catholic values.

      He doesn’t, and that needed to be made clear. Meg has done a public service by pointing that out.

      As far as I’m aware, no-one has claimed that Ms Clinton embodies Catholic values. Are you aware of anyone?

      You should also note that Meg’s blog very specifically does NOT endorse Ms Clinton. Quite the opposite.

      Do you know who is propelling Ms Clinton to the White House? The people who still, in the face of all the evidence, insist on supporting and fanatically promoting just about the only person in America – with the possible exception of David Duke – who could NOT beat her. The only way to keep her out of the White House is to dump Trump and put someone else forward.

      But do it fast. Time is running out. That’s if you REALLY want to keep her out of the White House, that is.

      • Maria says:


        First, who would they get to replace Trump at this late hour; the ballots have been printed, and it’s too late- many have already voted absentee.

        Second, anyone who is against Hillary Clinton and just wont vote for Trump because they made some sort of NeverTrump vow previously when there were more R candidates still running, and imagines that they somehow will get a third candidate in there who will get enough votes….. it’s not going to happen.

        Third, look ath the bigger picture. We all know what Hillary stands for and has stood for, and will not quit standing for- but if you agree with her, then go ahead and vote for her. Meg said she didn’t “think she could vote for Hillary”. She seems more Never Trump thank Never Hillary, otherwise she would write an entire blog as to the reasons why Hillary is unacceptable. Has she, I don’t know, as this is the first time I have heard of her blog, which was linked from another I read.

        And finally, “Dump Trump” is not going to happen, so stop wringing the hands already.

        One thing that always stands out about the Democrats, is that they stick together, and boy how that has worked. Much of the ills of society today stems from what they promote (contraception, abortion, euthanasia). Their complete and constant stick-togetherness reminds me of Luke 11 “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste and house will fall against house. And if Satan is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand?”

        • Ruari McCallion says:

          I fear you may not have taken the time to read the blog or my reply, Maria. If you did, then you didn’t understand either.

          Yes, we know what Ms Clinton is like. We do t need you to remind us, and certainly not at headache-inducing length.

          No-one around here is endorsing her. Regarding Trump as sickening does not mean endorsing Clinton.

          It means both are repulsive.

          I sincerely hope that is clear.

          • Maria says:


            My apologies if my reply gave you a headache- frankly, politics are a headache. I did read her article, and I do understand that she regards Trump and Clinton both as unsuitable (but apparently Trump more so.)

            What I do not understand is what her (Meg’s) intentions are in writing this anti Trump blog. Whereas you tell me that no one needs to be reminded what HClinton character is, likewise we don’t need reminders ad nauseum what people think of Trump.

            1. What does she hope to accomplish by it? Furthermore, people who are NeverTrump don’t seem to be for one particular candidate- I’ve seen two, three different names mentioned. Write ins don’t even get taken down on record.

            2.There is NO viable third candidate in this race.

            3. Patience is a virtue.

          • Ruari McCallion says:

            Maria –

            Largely – bot totally or exclusively- what John Flynn said.

        • John Flynn says:

          “look at the bigger picture”

          Here’s the bigger picture…

          All of the fear mongering that it being done by both parties this year is exactly the same as the fear mongering done in 2008 and 2012 and exactly the same as it will be in 2020.

          “Oh my gosh, the country is going to end as we know it!!!”


          The two parties are in reality a uniparty who want a fearful population so that they are easier to control. They will continue to maintain the status quo of the delicate balance and continue the fear mongering.

          It serves no purpose for us to pretend that our vote matters in this world. It matters only because of our conscience and because it is our voice and what we are endorsing.

          • Maria says:


            If you mean the Flynn who commented just below yours, I know the world won’t end tomorrow. My goodness, if our votes count for nothing why is there campaigning going on? There is something to be said about the ills of standing by and doing nothing, which voting for a third part candidate will do. Nothing. I guess we all have to just pray, hope, and not worry, come what and who may in January.

          • John Flynn says:


            You have fallen for a lie….

            “doing nothing, which voting for a third part candidate will do.”

            Voting for third party has huge benefits:
            1. You don’t sell your soul and endorse evil.
            2. You send a message to the two parties who continue to give us evil.
            3. You encourage others to do the right thing.
            4. You encourage others to run and engage in politics instead of settling for what we are given.

            Furthermore, third party can win any time America is ready. There are approximately 120 million votes up for grabs and Obama won last time with a total of about 66 million….

            The lie is called Circular Reasoning..

            They can’t win, so I won’t vote for them, so they can’t win, so I won’t….

          • Ruari McCallion says:

            By Jove, I think he’s got it!

            Well said, John!

    • Kel Varson says:

      You are incredibly wise. I wish there were more voters and Catholics like you. God bless.

  29. Rozann says:

    Spot on, as always. Thank you for writing this. Come see us. We need you and your funness and wisdom:)

  30. Thank you for being brave enough to write this. It hurts me so much to see many Catholics voting for him because he is supposedly pro-life. Being pro-life doesn’t end with caring for children in the womb (presuming that he is even anti-abortion). It means caring for all people. Donald Trump scares the living daylights out of me.

  31. Betty Ramos says:

    Wonderfully written Meg. Thank you!

  32. Noelie Angevine says:

    Thank you, Meg.

  33. Maria says:

    John Flynn and Ruari –

    You are Hillary Clinton’s dream come true! You are trying to convince people to a) not vote for her opponent b) you are telling me that a third candidate (who? Which of the several?) can garner enough votes to beat both the D and the R on the ticket. There is not even an organized third party, just various people running. Perhaps when America is “ready” but it’s certainly not this election. The time to form third parties or get decent R candidates is not now. If they haven’t done it in the past 8 years, it’s not going to happen in four weeks. And “send them a message”? I think the establishment republicans got the message when Trump won the primary. Okay, I think we’ve all said enough on the subject, don’t you?

    • John Flynn says:


      You seem very bitter… here’s the thing…

      1. You backed the wrong horse. Trump now has a 16.5% chance of winning with 4 weeks to go.

      2. He has now decided to attack the establishment republicans not loyal to him… the proper word for these people is “Congress.” and they are the ones who will approve or deny Clinton’s SCOTUS nominees….

      3. You have lost the presidency with your attitude and delusion. You will more than likely continue and lose the Senate as well.

      We have been warning you for over a year now and you have not listened but instead thrown around catch phrases like,

      “If you don’t vote for Trump you’re voting for Hillary.”
      “A third party is a wasted vote.”

      You have lost. Pure and simple… it’s over…

      Perhaps you ought to listen to us now….

      -Denounce Trump.
      -Encourage him to step down and perhaps Pence can beat Clinton.
      -Fight hard for Senate and House seats.


      You can continue with your stubborn refusal to look at facts, in which case you will be saying, “President Clinton and Senate Majority Leader Schumer.”

      Furthermore, if you dispute these numbers… I highly suggest you take your life savings, go to Bovada and place a bet on Trump… you will get +325 odds…. once you become a millionaire then remember us little people.

      • Maria says:


        You are rather rude, and not at all gentlemanly in your manner! But that aside, where is Bovada?

        • John Flynn says:

          I’m sorry you find me rude… my intention is not to anger you, but educate you. This is why I have presented facts backed up by sources. If you take offense to this, I apologize.

          Bovada is here:

          Good luck to you.

          • Maria says:

            Gambling to excess is a sin, so I think I’ll stay away from Bovada! (Who knew there was such a place?) I assume it’s in Vegas.

            I accept your apology, after all – “nothing makes us more like unto God than to be ever ready to pardon others”. -St. John Chrysostom

            Really, this reply is meant in jest only- I do not wish to continue quarreling over this when I could, and should, Be using my time in praying for both Trump and Clinton, for though they may be deplorable, no one is irredeemable.

      • Kel Varson says:

        By the way. Congress does not approve Supreme Court Justices the Senate does. I am sure someone as smart as you knew that.

      • Caroline says:


        First you tell Maria that there is no difference between parties and that votes don’t matter, then later you say she must denounce Trump (very dramatic wording), and vote for Pence. Which is it? And it makes me wonder where Meg is coming from because she voted the democrat ticket in 2008 (like many Catholics I know). Not for Obama, or Hillary- at the last moment she voted for John Edwards (and he had a dubious reputation as well). She only put this in the footnotes, by the way- and unless you read them you would have glossed right over this. So all this anti-Trump talk makes me wonder what her intentions in this commentary are all about.

        • John Flynn says:

          1. I never said Voting doesn’t matter. Not sure where you would get that idea.

          2. Yes, there is no tangible difference between the two main parties… they have both maintained the “delicate balance” for 5 decades and will continue with the status quo. This is a simple fact if you look at record and not rhetoric.

          3. Yes, if Republicans would like to maintain control of SCOTUS (which to be frank, is an ridiculous idea any way that simply perpetuates the false idea of judicial supremacy), then yes, they must denounce Trump immediately. Why? Because he is burning the down ticket… both intentionally and non-intentionally… in fact in the last 3-4 days the chances of keeping the Senate have plummeted.

          • Caroline says:


            Quoting you from above somewhere…

            “The two parties are in reality a uniparty who want a fearful population so that they are easier to control. They will continue to maintain the status quo of the delicate balance and continue the fear mongering.

            It serves no purpose for us to pretend that our vote matters in this world. It matters only because of our conscience and because it is our voice and what we are endorsing.”

            I agree with you in part, regarding what our voice is endorsing. However, voting for politicians it seems, does matter. Look at the last 8 years of progressive thought being pushed so that now it’s almost dangerous in many ways, to be a Christian- certainly Christianity is being attacked. If the Clinton emails regarding usurping Catholic beliefs is not enough to worry Catholics, I don’t know what is. She has been quoted on video that “religious views have to be changed.” A solid Catholic perspective on what is going on can be seen at if anyone is interested.

            I also agree with you that this election is certainly a hair raising and head scratching one, but voting for a third party is useless in the tangible way.


          • John Flynn says:

            “It serves no purpose for us to pretend that our vote matters in THIS world.”

            This refers to the world referenced in the previous sentence…. I then go on to explain where your vote does matter…

            “It matters only because of our conscience and because it is our voice and what we are endorsing.”

            Hence the exact reason to vote for a third party that we actually believe in and not follow the failed logic of voting for the lesser of two evils (or the bread which has less poisonous mold on it as I like to say.)

            Once again, voting for a third party is not useless… in fact I name many ways above why it is good. The reality is that the only reason people don’t vote third party is because they believe the lie that they cannot win.

            And once again, this is called circular reasoning…. don’t vote for them because they can’t win because you don’t vote for them….

  34. Chuck Bowman says:

    One or these two will be the next president not any third party candidate. We know what one of them will do to our country and our Church. The other is a wildcard who has a very solid man as his running mate, the other candidate’s running mate is a man who acts against his Church on most critical issues. I will vote against what I know and pray that our country survives.

  35. Dan says:

    We all know this is not a 3 way race, so I find it rather irresponsible to be promoting Catholic voters to vote 3rd party. Our chance to have kept Trump from entering office was in the primary not now.

    As Fr. Rev. Lankeit put it:
    ” if you DO know which candidate and party want to promote and expand abortion, and you still intend to enable them to continue their war on the unborn with your vote, then it is my duty as a priest to tell you that your soul will be in grave danger, especially if you present yourself for Holy Communion after casting such a vote with the full knowledge of what you’re doing.”

    Full article here:

    As far as Trump’s recent remarks about women, I can only point to what Fr. Pavone had to say about it:

    “…the qualifications needed for signing the right kinds of legislation or nominating the right kinds of justices do not involve what lewd comments one may or may not have made. They involve, rather, actually being voted into the Oval Office. …A vote is not a character endorsement or the passing of some kind of virtue test. A vote means that of the current viable options, this is the person most likely to advance the common good. …This is an emergency moment for our nation, and there are only two options right now for who will take the helm. Beggars can’t be choosers. …..It is easy to focus on the faults and positions of a candidate, but we also have to consider whom they bring with them into power. When we vote for a President, we vote for a party and for a whole army of people, many of whom will be ten times stronger and more qualified on the issues than the President him or herself — and will lean ten times harder in the direction of the party platform.”

    Full article here:

    Finally, how can we presume to know God’s will and possible plan in these circumstances that we find our country. I think all of us need to reflect on that. We need to stay away from any rash judgements about a broken instrument of a man as Trump is and instead reflect on what’s God’s merciful plan may be. No one is irredeemable while they are still alive. If it helps, read the following written by Isaac the Syrian (7th century), monk near Mosul, Sentences 117,118:

    “Do not nurture hatred for sinners; all of us are guilty. If you accuse him for love of God, weep over him. Why should you hate him? His sins are what need to be hated as you pray for him, if you want to be like Christ. Far from being angered by sinners, he prayed for them (Lk 23,34)… What reason is there, then, for you to hate the sinner, mere man that you are? Is it because he is without your virtue? But where is your virtue if charity is lacking?”

    So, to me the case is clear in this election at this point in October. There is only one pro-life ticket and I don’t see the ambiguity there. Our Lord would want us to protect human life. If it were a 3 way tie, then I wouldn’t be posting this.

    God bless

  36. Kel Varson says:

    Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary. It is a binary choice. You say it is naive to think that Trump will appoint a ScaLia like Supreme Court Justice. Well it is a certainty that Clinton will appoint judges that erode our religious liberty. So you can all pretend that you are above the fray and make a principled stand. You can stay at home or vote third party but when Hillary is elected and things don’t go your way remember it was your actions that made it all possible. By the way Meg the “failed businessman” according to CNN employs over 34,000 people. A lot of families have food on the table and better lives because of his business.

  37. Caroline says:


    Our votes DO matter, and we must never stop fighting, even if it’s inch by inch, for what is right- even if it means voting for someone who will give us more time to fight against evil #1 or evil #2 or what-have-you. Hillary is pretty clear about what she thinks and proposes to do. If voting for Trump will give people a bit of more time to try to make thinks better, or come up with better candidates, than a vote for him is worthwhile- at least to me.

    Regarding the third candidate vote option, people do and have voted for third party candidates- look at the Perot-Clinton-Bush election in 1992. Perot was well organized and a very visible candidate, and he garnered about 20% of the vote, if I recall correctly, and Clinton was elected. Nearly 25 years ago. Third party candidate votes this election round will only help Hillary Clinton because there is no real third party out there. The politicians of both parties couldn’t care less about what a few thousand third party voters think (i.e. “Sending them a message”).

    • John Flynn says:

      I get what you’re saying about the lesser of evils and voting for Trump. people have been saying this now for half a year at least. They have couched this in two things:
      1. Trump is the only one who can beat Clinton.
      2. Trump is less evil than Clinton.

      The first is absolutely false and has been false the entire time. A number of us have been saying it the whole time. That is now proven as Trump has spiraled to the lowest chance ever to beat the most beatable candidate ever.

      The second is debatable and only exists as a discussion point because Trump supporters believe #1 to be true.

      Here’s what you need to understand about third party:
      1. The numbers are more than there anytime America wakes up and faces facts.
      2. The two major parties know this and it scares the crap out of them.
      3. They spend millions of dollars in making ballot access difficult for third parties which is in itself corruption.
      4. They spend tons of time promoting the idea that third party is a pipe dream.

      As a result, Americans walk around repeating the talking points without actually questioning and investigating. Do some study about ballot access and it will blow your mind…. it is laughable that we’re worried about voter fraud when the real fraud is ballot access.

      Lastly, Perot did not cause Clinton to be elected. This is a complete myth that again has been perpetuated by the major parties to dissuade people from third party. Google “The Perot Myth.” You’ll find hundreds of articles and sources which explain this. No serious student of history or politics would ever believe this.

      • Caroline says:

        John Flynn,

        Okay, so you just answered your own question regarding the uselessness of voting for a third party candidate. (See all your numbered statements above). What’s the point? We need to promote strong and good candidates BEFORE the general election, not three weeks before. Politicians who wish to make a change are better off running in the main party and work from within..Can you tell me which candidate out there in ThirdParty-NeverTrump-NotHillary Land that will Have a chance to be elected this time around?

        1. Why do you want someone like Hillary Clinton in office?

        2. Why are you trying to persuade people to vote against Trump?

        A house divided cannot stand- a house divided will fall.

        • John Flynn says:

          Here’s some more numbered points for you:

          1. Not sure you’re actually reading…. How exactly do my numbered points prove the uselessness of a third party vote? On the contrary, they do the opposite.

          2. You speak of “this time around,” and this is part of the problem. Every four years the sky is falling and the two parties whip people into a frenzy claiming, “This is the most important election EVER!!!” Guess what? it’s false and you’re being played. Pull up some news articles from ’08 or ’12 and you’ll see the exact same rhetoric as today. It’s not about this year or next year or the following year. It’s about educating ourselves and others and fixing the problem. Otherwise, we elect someone and nothing changes.

          3. You ask, “Why do you want someone like Hillary Clinton in office?” I don’t. Which is exactly why I won’t vote for her and exactly why I won’t vote for the guy who funded her, was friends with her, is corrupt like her, lies like her and up until the point where he ran for president claimed she was fantastic.

          4. Why am I trying to persuade people to vote against Trump? I’m not actually. I don’t care how people vote. I am trying to educate people. Up until last week I believed there was actually a moral reason why someone could choose to vote for Trump. I didn’t come to the same conclusion, but I could see IN SOME CIRCUMSTANCES, how someone could do so. After last week however, I can no longer see any moral reason to vote for Trump. Not only is there no way he can win, but he is currently decimating the senate races down ticket. If someone believed in the sky is falling SCOTUS argument then they could have made a moral case for Trump. But that’s over now and in fact they are doing more damage by voting for him now because they are losing the Senate.

          Again, I personally don’t care one way or the other. Why not? See below.

          5. “A house divided cannot stand- a house divided will fall.” Falling isn’t such a bad thing. This is a spiritual battle and as always there is good and bad, light and dark. The house is divided and I will be siding with light. I am not concerned in the least with who wins the election this year. What I am concerned with is being holy and rejecting evil. Both of the two major candidates are the picture of evil. I will reject them and trust in God to handle the rest. If enough people did that we wouldn’t be in the state where we are.

          • Caroline says:

            I think if you go back a great many number of years, you will find that each election the opposing parties are indeed crying that the sky will fall, etc. I know it won’t. But who is elected, does matter- things just happen at a slower pace, that is all.

            We have to remember that we here living on earth are the CHURCH MILITANT and therefore must continue to fight for what is right, and keep good laws in our country which promote life and God’s laws. We can’t just retire from the fight.

          • John Flynn says:

            “We have to remember that we here living on earth are the CHURCH MILITANT”
            Yes and as the Church Militant our job is to struggle against sin in the spiritual realm, while here on earth (Eph 6:12). It is NOT our job to see politics as man does, but as God does and realize the spiritual implications of our decisions. This is one of the exact reasons that Trump is scary… we have Christians who are falling all over themselves to defend an incredibly sinful man.

            For example, Jerry Falwell tweeted out a picture of himself and his wife in Trump’s office after endorsing him. Behind them on the wall? A framed picture of Trump on the cover of Playboy. Falwell did not even see this… he could have said, “Let’s move over 12 inches and take the photo.” But he didn’t because he was spiritually blinded. Ironically his father first rose to prominence as an evangelical leader and made his mark by organizing marches to protest of all things…. Playboy. If this isn’t Christians being decimated by spiritual warfare then I don’t know what is.

            “therefore must continue to fight for what is right”

            Agreed. But what is right?
            1. Voting for a corrupt, lying, thrice married, cheating pervert because he might be better than a corrupt, lying, cheating, liberal baby killer?

            2. Voting for someone who is actually a good, wholesome human being with less of a chance to win in our current political structure?

            “keep good laws in our country which promote life and God’s laws.”

            Which neither party will do, as proven….
            1. Roe V Wade happened under a Republican nominated court.
            2. Republicans could have stopped abortion at any point since then.
            3. Obamacare is still the law of the land in spite of a Republican Congress.
            4. The debt is still sky high in spite of a Republican Congress..
            5. Gay Marriage is now legal in spite of a Republican Congress..
            I could go on and on….

            The hearts and minds of the American people need to change… changing out our politicians doesn’t do anything….. our laws are following the hearts of the people and that’s why we are where we are.

            “We can’t just retire from the fight.”

            Nope. But who is suggesting that? You can’t pretend that simply because people won’t vote like you they are retiring. Your personal choice is to fight by voting for Trump. I think that is wrong. My personal choice is to fight by educating people and voting third party. You think that is wrong. Neither of us are retiring, we are jsut fighting in different ways.

  38. Kel Varson says:

    Hey Meg were is your never Hillary blog post? Or perhaps you are a big fan of Margaret Sanger like Mrs. Clinton.

    • Ruari McCallion says:

      Just read the whole post, all the way through, Kel. You should find what you’re looking for.

      Suggesting that Meg is a fan of Margaret Sanger is as ridiculous as it is small-mindedly offensive.

      • Caroline says:


        In her post, Meg did say she voted the democrat ticket in 2008, only it’s in her footnotes. I also wonder what her motive is, and is there a post by her enumerating Hillary’s faults? No one who has agreed with her on various comments has ever answered this question. Again-

        1. What are Meg’s motives in penning this piece on Trump?

        -To dissuade voters from casting a vote for him and therefore making Hillary stronger?

        2. Where is a post on what Hillary will bring into office?


        • Meg says:

          Hi, Caroline! I said I voted in the Democratic Primary in an attempt to keep Obama off the ticket. That does not mean I voted Democrat and it does not make me a Democrat. In Georgia you can vote in whatever primary you like. I haven’t written about Hillary because it seems obvious that she is not pro-life and that she has no respect for Catholics. I’m also not a political blogger, so I don’t feel compelled on every side of the issue. My concern is with people who believe that Trump is pro-life. Nobody believes that Hillary is pro-life, so I haven’t felt the need to contribute to that side of the debate. Thanks!

          • Caroline says:

            Hi Meg,

            Thank you for responding. I have heard many great things about you in some of your other Catholic blogger world friends. Which is why your post leaves me scratching my head in wonder as to why you want to advance the possibilities of another Clinton getting into office when we all know what she and the democrat party promotes.

            Do you not think that people who are voting FOR Trump think he’s a great guy? I believe the primary reason people will vote for him is an attempt to keep Hillary out of office.

            You say you are not a political blogger, yet you made quite the attempt at convincing people to NOT vote for him. Perhaps you might consider writing a piece on Hillary and tell everyone why she’s a terrible choice, “NeverHillary- because apparently it doesn’t god without saying”. You mention in your reply to me that you assume Catholics will know what Hillary is like, yet in the past two elections, Catholics voted in great numbers, for Obama, and helped get him elected. What makes you think those same people will not vote for Hillary? Perhaps it doesn’t go without saying what they know about her.

            It seems either an intentional act, or a useless one at any rate, to dissuade people from voting AGAINST Hillary and the democrats.

            Regarding your vote in the primary democrat 2008 ticket, voting for Edwards, when you knew he was already off the ticket, what was the point of that? It wasn’t hurting either Obama or Hillary, since he was no longer even a candidate.

            No malice meant, if any is felt, in this reply to you- I just an curious.

          • Meg says:

            Hi, Caroline 🙂 As I said in the post, I believe Trump is more dangerous than Clinton; I think the evil we don’t know is more to be feared than the evil we know. I respect that people disagree with that. I wrote this post–despite the fact that I really didn’t want to–because I felt convicted in prayer. I’ve prayed all week about whether I need to write about Hillary, but I believe that the kind of Catholics who read my blog already know everything I’d say. Thank you for encouraging me to consider it–please know that I will continue to hold this issue in prayer. As far as my vote for Edwards, it ended up being a protest vote. I imagine that given an election between Clinton and Obama you might consider voting for a third party; I believe the same is being asked of me in this election. Fortunately, there is hope! Obviously, there is always hope in Christ. But there is also hope that Evan McMullin, winning Utah, will deadlock the election and be voted in by congress. Wouldn’t that be marvelous? And now, friend, I will excuse myself from this conversation. Thank you for your respectful tone. God bless you!

          • Ruari McCallion says:

            As the Devil seems to have two horses in this race, how about neither?


  39. Caroline says:

    John Flynn,

    I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round. I think I’ll get off!

  40. Kristen says:

    Thank you for this and including Evan McMullin. I has not heard of him and it’s most likely my fault since I had not researched any third party candidates. I now feel like I can vote in good conscience, sadly my vote will most likely not count here in IN. But at least I’ll be voting with my conscience.

  41. Lee Ann says:

    I am just now finding your blog. I heard you briefly on the Jennifer Fulwiler show yesterday. While I am not a huge fan of Trump, after reading your pro life post, how can someone like yourself support Clinton? Now I have no idea if you did support or vote for Clinton but certainly she is no better.

    What is a voter who is a Christian to do?

    • Ruari McCallion says:

      Find a candidate who’s pro-life, LeeAnn.

      Make sure you read Meg’s blog. It’s well worth it. She makes the point that it was not either/or; sometimes, neither is acceptable.

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