A Year in the Word: Archives, Images, and MP3s

Throughout this year, I’m sharing reflections on powerful Scripture passages over at Aleteia. But I’m also hoping that you’ll be memorizing them along with me, and a few paragraphs on what they mean isn’t going to help with that. Cue multiple intelligences training! I don’t just read things and remember, I use songs and images to help. In fact, almost every passage of Scripture that I have memorized has a tune that I sing in my head while I recite it aloud. And derivative as they might be, they work! So I’m sharing those with you, images to set as your phone’s wallpaper and mp3s of verses that will get stuck in your head for days. Enjoy!

Intro Post

Week 1: God’s love

Zephaniah 3-171 Pt 5-6-7

Zephaniah 3:17 audio:

1 Peter 5:6-7 audio:


Week 2: Following God

Isaiah 6-81 John 3 16-18

Isaiah 6:8 audio:

1 John 3:16-18 audio:


Week 3: Don’t be a Pharisee

Joel 2 12-13Rev 2 3-4

Joel 2:12-13 audio:

Revelation 2:3-4 audio:

Week 4: Trusting the Father

Psalm 27 14Matthew 10 29-31

Psalm 27:14 audio:

Matthew 10:29-31 audio:

Week 5: You Are Not Your Sin


Psalm 103:11-13 audio:

Ephesians 2:4-5 audio:

Week 6: When You Run, He Will Follow


Week 7: Saved by the Blood of the Lamb


Week 8: Giving Sainthood a Shot


Week 9: God Is Not Nice


More to come–stay tuned!

About Meg

I'm a Catholic, madly in love with the Lord, His Word, His Bride the Church, and especially His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist. I'm committed to the Church not because I was raised this way but because the Lord has drawn my heart and convicted my reason. After 2 degrees in theology and 5 years in the classroom, I quit my 9-5 to follow Christ more literally. Since May of 2012, I've been a hobo for Christ; I live out of my car and travel the country speaking to youth and adults, giving retreats, blogging, and trying to rock the world for Jesus.
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2 Responses to A Year in the Word: Archives, Images, and MP3s

  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for doing mp3s and images for the verses! It really helps with the memorizing.

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