“What so impresses me about Meg is her authenticity. She speaks with knowledge and from the heart. I have had the privilege of seeing how she has a great gift of touching the minds and hearts of high school students. God has blessed her with many rich gifts: a great intelligence, a beautiful singing voice, a gift for leading Ignatian scripture meditations, and being an inspiring reader. I have no doubt that she will be God’s instrument to bring many into a deeper relationship with Him.” -Fr. Jeremy Hepler, OSB

“Meg challenged us to think about our faith in a different way and turned our hearts to see what really matters.  She taught me to see how my faith shaped the woman I was becoming.” -Oriana Carrasquel, college student

“Meg turned my entire view of Christianity around.” -Pvt. Adam Tucker, U.S. Army

“Never have I met someone with such zeal for reading Sacred Scripture and the desire to instill this same fervor in the hearts of the faithful. She is a true inspiration and witness to the fact that we are all called to holiness.” -Chelsea Fournier, college student

“It is so beautiful to see someone so alive and on fire about something greater than herself. Meg is such an example of charity and sacrifice. It is so easy to see Christ in her.” -Caroline Faber, college student