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Why I Don’t Volunteer at Soup Kitchens

When I was a teenager and even more obnoxious than I am now, if you can believe that, I was obsessed with the poor. Actually, that might be too generous. I was obsessed with what everyone else was doing to … Continue reading

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Birthday Blessings

September birthdays are awkward. They’re at the beginning of the school year, so you don’t know quite who your friends are this year. Or you’re at a new school and nobody knows it’s your birthday. Or maybe you’re (I’m) just … Continue reading

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Did You Know I Have Kids?

I’ve been stumbling on this blog over a habit I have of referring to “my kids.”  I’m sure that’s confusing to those of you who don’t know me.  “Wait, didn’t I see something about consecrated virginity?  But she has kids?  … Continue reading

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