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Being Our Lady of Sorrows

I love St. Simon of Cyrene. I love that he was plucked out of nowhere, forced into a task he despised, and found eternity in the process. I love that he kept Jesus company on the road to Calvary. I … Continue reading

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Heavy Blessings

Elizabeth spent her life barren in a society inclined to value women solely based on their childbearing abilities. Those of you who struggle with infertility can identify with the longing and the despair and the irrational guilt that must have … Continue reading

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It’s Okay to Be Miserable

I was chatting with some ladies recently about the suffering of Christ when one of them drew our attention to his Mother. “Jesus knew his suffering would end,” she pointed out, “but Mary didn’t. She didn’t know he would rise … Continue reading

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I Wore a Hoodie Today

I wore a hoodie today. I was pretty excited about it. It had been in my trunk, so it was actually my first hoodie day of the season. “I love hoodies!” I thought. “I love them so much it almost … Continue reading

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And Still We Rejoice

For those shaken by yesterday’s shooting–another in a long line of acts of senseless violence against children–tomorrow’s celebration might seem callous. Gaudete Sunday? Rejoice? When children are killed in their desks, ripped apart in their mothers’ wombs, beaten by their … Continue reading

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