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Meditating on God’s Love

I was leading a high school girls’ retreat the other day and was given the task of putting together some different prayer experiences for the girls. These had to be self-guided, which ruled out my usual Ignatian Meditation and Lectio … Continue reading

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Favorites (For Now)

I answer a lot of the same questions when I speak: Where do you shower? How do you get money? How did you decide to do this? And I don’t mind answering them, but sometimes I get really good questions … Continue reading

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Lectio Divina

I tend to babble about how much I love the Bible. Then I take out my Bible and introduce people to it like it’s a friend. Once we get past the weird looks I get for introducing them to an … Continue reading

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Getting a Beat-Up Bible

When I was a first year teacher, years of use (and abuse at the bottom of my backpack) caught up with my Bible.  The first part to fall out was James.1  Over the next few months, it reached the point … Continue reading

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In Which I Give Up On Trying to Describe the Love of God

Catholics go to Notre Dame (the university) the way they go to Rome: it’s like a pilgrimage.  When friends are going to Rome, they ask me where I want them to pray for me.  When friends visit Notre Dame, especially … Continue reading

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The Eucharist in Scripture (or: It Depends on Your Definition of the Word “Is”)

A while back, I got up early for Mass one Sunday so that I could join a friend at her church afterwards.  Sitting in a run-down old auditorium, I enjoyed some lovely music, some decent preaching and some interesting theology.  … Continue reading

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