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The Consolation of Purgatory

Today would have been my father‘s 56th birthday, but he died suddenly in November so it’s not. And maybe I’m heartless and self-obsessed, but I’m mostly okay. Oh, when total strangers push for gruesome details of his death1 I sometimes … Continue reading

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Indulge Me

Yesterday’s celebration is considered controversial by many Christians while others ignore the debate entirely. Forget Halloween, I’m talking about Reformation Day, when our separated brethren celebrate the beginning of Luther’s secession from Rome. At the heart of his revolt/reform was … Continue reading

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Purgatory? Prove It.

Once you get over your misconception that purgatory’s pretty much hell, it’s actually kind of a nice idea. We get to imagine that we’re still connected with our deceased loved ones, and while we’re at it, we can pretend that … Continue reading

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“I thought we got rid of purgatory.”

I have no idea why I mentioned purgatory to a Protestant friend while helping her clean her room when I was in college. Maybe because I hate cleaning and wanted credit for time served? In any event, I remember expecting … Continue reading

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