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Being Our Lady of Sorrows

I love St. Simon of Cyrene. I love that he was plucked out of nowhere, forced into a task he despised, and found eternity in the process. I love that he kept Jesus company on the road to Calvary. I … Continue reading

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100 Ways to Be a Missionary Without Leaving Your Home Town

After last week’s post on how every Christian is called to be a missionary, my friend Jenna asked me to get specific. What does it mean to be a missionary in everyday life? So I started brainstorming and here’s what … Continue reading

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On Hippies and Hypocrisy

A few years back, I was driving from Atlanta to Kansas City—easily a 14 hour drive, and I was doing it all at a stretch.  Alone.  No biggie, I thought.  I’ve done longer.  So I was cruising along, fist-pumping out … Continue reading

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Love Hurts

As a high school teacher, I hear some pretty sweet gossip.  Sure, they usually frame it as concern for their friends, but what it really is is rumor-mongering.  Because they don’t actually want me to do anything.  And they don’t … Continue reading

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